Week 3 Weekly Assignment (Thursday, Feb. 18th)

Write a one-page introduction to your discourse community. It should be about 250 words. 

Name __________________________________________________

Discourse Community ______________________________________

Briefly describe your discourse community. What makes your DC a DC? Describe for an outsider the rules of the Discourse Community, how you gain entry (if you can!), the group’s values and beliefs. Is there a unique “identity kit”? Do they have a unique way of communicating? USE the Questions in the Week 3 PowerPoint as a Guide!


What are the broadly agreed upon set of public goals of your discourse community?


What mechanism of intercommunication among its members does your DC use?


What genres help further the goals of your DC?


Describe the specific lexis (specialized language of your DC. 


Does your DC have a threshold level of expert members? Explain. 



  1. Hamely Jose Taveras

    Name: Hamely Jose Taveras
    Discourse Community: EPA girls volleyball team

    Briefly describe your discourse community. What makes your DC a DC? Describe for an outsider the rules of the Discourse Community, how you gain entry (if you can!), the group’s values and beliefs. Is there a unique “identity kit”? Do they have a unique way of communicating?

    My discourse community is a group of high school girls that play volleyball. To enter the volleyball team, you need to be part of the school and go to tryout. Tryout can be very intense if you are not alethic or prepare. For example the first year I tried out in the team and all the new players were very exhausted. We have this thing that to enter you need to have a 90% attendance in class and at least 85% grade in all classes. If you fail a class you cant play in the team. You cant get in trouble like be in a fight in school and the coaches can’t get complaints from the teacher if you get suspended from a game. How the team was open to everyone you didn’t have to be great or good at volleyball they are there to each you. The team is a great team a lot of people wanted to enter the team but a lot of those people couldn’t be in the team if they didn’t meet the academic performance requirements. A lot of people knew of team one because we had our team uniform and while everyone had the school uniform we had the sports team uniform that was pretty different. All the girls in the teachers use to always be together no matter what. During lunchtime, we got together and play volleyball. everyone knew about the volleyball team and we would always encourage newcomers to join our team. The team had a group chat but also the team use to meet every day after school to discuss new plays and thighs we can improve in.

    What is the broadly agreed-upon set of public goals of your discourse community?
    The broadly agreed-upon set of public goals in this discourse community was to play, have fun, and win. Our team was very competitive and through the year everyone saw us grow. In the beginning, the other school coaches use to laugh and tell their players that they win the game, and then after practicing new plays and new rotation we became a great team beating all the teams we came across. We even play against high division and beat them.

    What mechanism of intercommunication among its members does your DC use?
    We use to communicate by text and during practice. Our way of communication changed throughout the years. In the beginning, we use to only communicate if we mess up or if we were doing bad things then we learn to give each other feedback and encouraging each other. Playing volleyball meant everything for us we always wanted to win volleyball was more than a game for it was serious it became our life.

    What genres help further the goals of your DC?
    We had a paper that gives us the information and workout we need to do and the days and how what we need to eat and drink to stay in shape. The coaches used to have a paper where she shows us different positions and different rotations we need to learn. Those papers we need to learn and study to practice it on practice. We also text each other videos and the different things we can do in the game.
    Describe the specific lexis (the specialized language of your DC.
    We talk in different ways. Since we here all Hispanic we spoke in Spanglish and we use a lot of the names of things we do in the court while playing. We also dress and different ways with our team uniform and windbreakers. We also had our style everyone knew when it was the game day because we had these headbands and braid on.
    Does your DC have a threshold level of expert members? Explain.
    The coaches were the expert on showing use new play. My coaches even join an outside team to learn and experience the playing adrenaline. The starters ( where the most expert player) always knew more because we join other outside teams to learn more and have more game experience to be prepared. Even though we had better players we make sure everyone involved we had people learn our position so they can play it during a game. For example, if I get out to rest, bathroom, to change my attitude in the game, or just because the team didn’t need the support at the time. Everyone had game time no matter how good or bad you were.

  2. mustapha

    Name:Mustapha Jangana

    Discourse community: MMA fan

    What makes being a MMA fan a discourse community is the fact that there are factions or sides to the MMA world. The fans would regularly gather on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram and state their opinions on who they believe is the best of all time or who you should bet on winning this weekend’s fights. The ways to get into this community are quite simple. All you have to do is be respectful of your peers no matter what fighter they support and actually have some knowledge of fights,lest you be labeled a casual. There may be a twinge of toxicity within it, but the same goes for all communities. For the most part, it’s just fans expressing their passion for the sport of mixed martial arts. They even have their own communication methods! They use terms such as “casual” and “gatekeeper”, which are terms that you’d need to be deeply invested in the community to understand. As for the level of expert members, it goes from the people who train martial arts at a semi-pro level to the amateurs to the average joe who just likes to watch fights, but doesn’t necessarily understand the science or beauty behind it. The genres that help further the goals of the community are how these athletes are able to make strangers in different parts of the world come together and share their thoughts and views of the fights. The members of the community primarily contact each other through group chats made on Twitter.

  3. Tenzin Namgyal

    Name: Tenzin Namgyal
    Discourse community: Fantasy Fans

    My discourse community is a group of my friends and some family that all are big fans of basketball, so much so that we start our own fantasy league and bet money on it. To enter the league you have to be known by at least one member of the community and be a fan of basketball. We also have rules that must be followed or you will be removed. The rules are that first, there should be no cheating in the league since there is money on the line. Second, don’t be disrespectful or rude it’s alright if something is said once in a while due to anger but if it becomes a habit of common with an individual then they will be removed. Lastly be active don’t just join and not participate in the community otherwise what was the point in even joining! Our discourse community has a group chat called “Fantasy Fans” that we use to talk everyday and sometimes group calls so we can just talk and chill.

    The broadly agreed-upon set of goals in our discourse community is to compete in our fantasy league and to talk/debate over basketball. The league can get very competitive and sometimes a little toxic due to the fact that there is money on the line. The winner of the league gets $50 from all the participants.

    We communicate mostly by text and sometimes in group calls. We usually talk daily about the games that are going on and to see if there are any trades that we can make in our fantasy league. Sometime we just join the group call and watch the games while talking to each other, its very fun.

    Everyone in the league has a stat sheet that shows you how many points your players get in the league based on the stats they get in real life. For example, a field goal made is 2 fantasy points. While a turnover is -2 points. We use the stat sheet to see which players are doing the best and which players are doing bad. Based on that we know who need to get in our teams and we all trade to acquire the players we want.

    We have many ways of communicating, everyone in the community is Tibetan so we use a mixture of Tibetan and English. We had a few people in America, a few in Asia and a some in Canada. People use slangs from their own places. It can be confusing at times but you catch on quick.

    We have a couple of members who are very skilled in real life and also long time fans of the sport. Usually the older people in the group have been fans for a longer amount of time so they know more and the younger members are better at playing the sport. We also have some that have just recently started watching but have played and, some that have always watched but just recently started playing. We try to get everyone involved in our fantasy league so that everyone can have fun and those that are new to the sport can learn from the more “og” fans.

  4. Kevin Yu

    Name: Kevin Yu
    Discourse Community: pink tank party
    Brief Overview of DC: pink tank party is a discord community-run by a VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) by PomPomChan her community consists of tank enthusiasts who like the history of tanks and mainly a combined arms game, War Thunder.

    Rules: Pretty simple

    ╭┈꒰ rule #1:
    ╰﹒Let’s be kind to everyone! In general try not to be rude to each other and show some respect!

    ╭┈꒰ rule #2:
    ╰﹒Politics and other controversial topics will not be tolerated, we may discuss limited things about it but try to keep everyone’s opinion out of it!

    ╭┈꒰ rule #3:
    ╰﹒Offensive things like homophobia, racism, transphobia, etc. will not be tolerated, again be kind!

    ╭┈꒰ rule #4:
    ╰﹒We do not hand out special roles, please don’t ask us for them.

    ╭┈꒰ rule #5:
    ╰﹒Follow the channel descriptions, post memes in memes, not general. >_>

    ╭┈꒰ rule #6:
    ╰﹒NSFW and NSFL is not tolerated.

    ╭┈꒰ rule #7:
    ╰﹒No self advertisement!!!!!

    ╭┈꒰ rule #8:
    ╰﹒Spam, Mass pings, and anything of the sort will not be tolerated, please don’t do it.

    ╭┈꒰ rule #9:
    ╰﹒Follow the community guidelines and TOS, a violation of those is a violation of our server rules. https://discord.com/terms https://discord.com/guidelines

    ╭┈꒰ rule #10:
    ╰﹒Do not test out patience, we will react appropriately.


    ╭┈꒰ Punishment system:
    ╰﹒First is a verbal warning, after 3 verbal warnings within a day you will be either muted or kicked. If you come back and cause trouble 48 hours after the first kick you will be banned, if you violate TOS it is an immediate ban.
    Entry: It’s pretty easy, find the server and simply join!

    Public Goals: Since this DC is mainly a history/gaming community we want people to know what that specific tank is, what year it was produced, what shells did it fire etc. for example this is PomPoms favorite tank (T-34 mod.1942 built during WWII by the Soviets) since we mostly talk about the game War Thunder the community talks about issues about the game as well, game!

    Intercommunication: We have a lot of platforms that this community use such as Twitch, Instagram, the games website, or even the own server when PomPom is going to stream the game, overall good vibes when PomPom goes live, and tons of memes everywhere.

    Genres: There is a large community in the games website and we usually talk about how to fix the game, if we should add “paper tanks” (prototype tanks that never went into production), or what vehicles or nations to add to a future update, this is what keeps the community running and engaged in the game(in this update they are adding South Africa!)

    Lexis: We have a few specific Lexis but are easy to understand for example The American M1A2 Abrams has a 1500hp Engine and has a 23 hp per ton(23 horsepower per ton) and can fire APFSDS( Armour Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot ) and HEAT-FS ( High Explosive Anti-Tank Fin Stabilized ) While UKs Challenger tanks can fire APFSDS and HESH shells ( High Explosive Squash Head ) that’s a mouthful.

    Experts: Our community has experts such as other Youtubers who collaborate with PomPom such as ConeOfArc and 2and900 to name a few, they all enjoy the history of tanks and play War Thunder, they have pretty good knowledge of the game and a pretty good understanding of what types of shells tanks fire, some are even partnered with the developers of the game so we can have previews of what’s next to come. There are new people who joined the community and have no idea what nations to grind since you can grind 8 nations! including South Africa in the next update with over 100+ vehicles and yes that’s daunting for a new player coming into War Thunder and the community but PomPom and other creators are here to help.

  5. Arian Qosaj

    Name: Arian Qosaj
    Discourse Community: Nursing Major

    My discourse community is a group of college students who are majoring in the nursing field that want to get into the nursing program to study nursing. To enter the nursing program, you have to take all of the required courses, pass them, and take the TEAS Nursing exam. Then, there’s clinicals. In order to do nursing clinicals, you have to pass the TEAS exam. If you don’t pass the exam, then you have to re-take it. After you pass the TEAS exam, then your in the nursing program and you get to start doing clinicals which seems really interesting and fun. It’s great to be active and really be apart of a community that has always been important. Me and the group members would communicate through text and email.

    The broadly agreed upon set of public goals of my discourse community are to maintain focus on nursing material, work together, and learn a lot about the information. By working together as a group, we get to understand the material better and have the chance to learn more from it.

    The mechanism of intercommunication among the members that my discourse community has is by texting each other, emailing each other, and talking to each other in person during classes.

    The genres that help further the goal of my discourse community are the nursing charts, exams in classes, and the nursing exam. By reading and looking over nursing charts, you understand how a patient feels, what’s wrong with a patient, what procedures a patient has done, what medication a patient has taken, and more.

    In my discourse community the specific lexis that is used is by talking to each other in English.

    The threshold level of expert members in my discourse community are senior college students that majored in nursing, professors, and clinical members that work in hospitals. These are older people that have already had experience with nursing and are people who are experts at it.

  6. Elma Kastrat

    Elma Kastrat

    Mathematics Major

    My discourse community is Mathematics Major in my country. It’s a group of people interested to study math and do something with math in their future life. To be accepted in this major you have to take a math test, and if you pass it you can go directly to college, if not you have to wait for the next texting day. There are only two testing days per year, which means you have two choices per year to go to college. When you pass the test you are ready for college and you are starting to take math classes. All of those combinations and math problems look very interesting. I had been part of it for two years. Our general focus and wish was to be a math teacher one day.

    The broadly agreed upon set of public goals of my discourse community were to focus on our major, study and work like a group, be all as one in everything. Working together and studying together we were able to understand more and explain to each other if someone didn’t understand everything clearly.

    The mechanism of intercommunication among the members that my discourse community had was talking with each other over the WhatsApp group, emailing each other and spending time together during the class time or after class time.

    The genres that helped further the goal of my discourse community are lectures, math solutions for different math problems, quizzes, tests, assignments and last final exam for each of the subjects. While you were reading and looking at math problems, you were able to see what’s wrong and what’s the right answer and how to solve them for each of the math categories.

    In my discourse community the specific lexies that we used were my born language, math language, numbers and math symbols.

    The threshold level of expert members in my discourse community were senior college students, students who already finished bachelor degree and were about to finish master degree who were working like professors assistants, professors and other people who work on college. These were people who already finished their degrees and are professionals in their job.

  7. Brandon Peralta

    Name: Brandon Peralta
    Discourse Community: Sneakerheads

    The discourse community that I am heavily involved in is an enormous group of people called sneakerheads. What is a sneakerhead you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple, a sneakerhead is somebody who has a great passion for a bunch of sneakers from Nike, Jordan, Adidas, New Balance, and many more brands. Since a very young age, I loved sneakers. Walking around outside seeing people wearing these vibrant colors on the newest Jordan’s was intriguing to my young eye. As I grew up I wanted to own a bunch of sneakers so I made it my goal. The reason we sneakerheads are so fascinated about these shoes is because of the way each shoe expresses different things. Behind every shoe, there is a story and as a huge discourse community, we tend to relive the stories behind shoes or create our own. Some broadly agreed-upon rules in our community are you can never have enough sneakers. If you only get a shoe every now and then just because you need new shoes, you aren’t a sneakerhead. Think of us as art collectors. Many art collectors tend to buy many pieces of art from a variety of artists because of the way a painting speaks to them or makes them feel. It is the same thing for us except our art is sneakers. We love to collect these shoes to make ourselves feel satisfied and enjoy everything there is to a shoe. Many ways we communicate in this community are through social media or events like sneaker con where many people gather to buy, trade, and sell their new and used shoes. There are also many genres that influence our community. Hip-hop, sports, streetwear, and celebrities all play a huge role in our community. Oftentimes celebrities or athletes will get their own signature shoes and make us sneakerheads go crazy for them. In this discourse community, there are definitely expert members. There are huge collectors who own more than 1,000 pairs of shoes and have become much of an icon on social media. These sneaker moguls are what many look up to and hope to be one day.

  8. Shaniyah

    Shaniyah Singletary
    My discourse community: Nursing Program

    The discourse community I choose to be a part of is the Nursing Program at City Tech, which allows you to first get your associates and then bachelors. In city tech the nursing program is separate from the regular classes. To get into the nursing program you have to take selective classes that are called pre reqs. While taking these classes you have to maintain a certain Gpa in order to even be considered into the program. You must also take an entrance exam to get into the program; it’s an international test called the TEAS exam. You get a few chances to pass the exam. However once you are in the program you have to be drug tested and you must complete clinicals with no issues. The nursing community is unique but we all share one common goal and that is to help people feel better, and ensure the best patient care. A goal we might share is to stay on top of our studies and be accurate with diagnosing. Being a nurse comes with much stress you don’t get much room for mistakes being that you’re dealing with people’s lives. It’s much room for lawsuits when you are practicing medicine so a goal we might share is to try to be as precise as ever. A mechanism of intercommunication within this community may consist of pagers, which are common in a healthcare facility, instead of cell phones pages reach workers faster. A genre that would help reach the goal of my community is definitely informational pieces, and diaphragms that would help me come to conclusions when diagnosing. The expert level members in my community are the professors that teach us material and maybe nurse practitioners, who are nurses that are one step away from being a doctor.

  9. Hanting Hu

    Name: Han Ting Hu
    Discourse Community: immigration in the 8Av

    My discourse community is a group of Chinese people who live in Brooklyn, 8Av. To gain entry in the 8Av is to find a house and live there, and at least you can speak mandarin. 8Av is rapidly developing into an enclave of immigrants mainly from Fuzhou, initially settled by immigrants from Guangzhou, just like Chinatown in Manhattan. Many people moved to 8th Avenue as a family unit for convenience and comfort because most immigrants don’t speak English. The broadly agreed-upon set of shared goals of your discourse community is to the American dream. In the United States, all types of social welfare are comprehensive. No matter how poor people are, they can enjoy social security as long as they struggle through hard work to get a better life, rather than relying on assistance from specific social class and others. We use to communicate by text and WeChat. People take about anything’s, their job expense, the outfit, learning from the school, where they go to play and eat, too much stuff, to share their views and thoughts. The genres that help further my DC’s goals are in 8Av has a Brooklyn Chinese American Association and platform. To satisfy the needs and concerns of Asian Americans and serve as an Asian American community to serve the community to meet the field’s needs. We have many ways of communicating; old immigration like use Cantonese and Hokkien because they don’t speak Mandarin very well; however, young people are speaking Mandarin. Their family did not teach them to express their native dialect. In my forum community, the expert members graduated from college, have a master’s degree, and have a promising career.

  10. Kelvin Leon

    Kelvin C. Leon
    Stocks Discord
    Introduction Into How to Stock

    My DC is basically a small group of people that only thinks about money. You know its to be expected since you are putting your own very money at risk by losing either partial or all of it. We only like profits. Stocking (Not the stocking you do at stores lol) is basically buying shares of a company like investing and making profit out of the share you bought. With stocking its all about the profits like I said before. Theres a lot of different ways to get into stocking or what we call it the stock market. There are multiple apps like robinhood, webull, forex, etc. My group believes that this is a great thing to do especially as a side hustle or a great way to make a living. We value the color green, if you your stock chart at green and see the percentage number like (+98%) thats good because you just got yourself some extra cash but in order for you to keep the profits you gotta sell your share of the stocks. With stocking youll learn that its not just bout numbers and money, I mean yes but its also about information and the background information that you do. For instance lets say tesla, they gonna make a contract with apple, its up to people to decide if this is good or not. Its up to people to come to a decision if a tesla stock will go up or go down. Meaning if it make them a profit or will it cause them to lose money, and yes these types of things will cause and can cause the stock to go at a downward direction. Even the small things like the head of tesla, he once smoked weed on a podcast and it caused teslas stock to go down. Theres a lot of things that go into play when getting into the stock market. My group and I focuses on profits no matter the company. We do something thats call Penny stocks that are cheap stocks and options. Everything is about profits and whatever will give us profits we will get into it. We normally communicate through discord, facetime, and text messages. We use a variety of terms that beginners wouldn’t know, but we got a handful of people with experience that been doing this for a good amount of time that try and help the beginners, we even have a whole separate chat for questions.

  11. Pedro Flores

    Name: Pedro Flores
    Discourse community: sneaker heads

    The discourse community that I’m involved in is called sneaker head. Sneaker head is someone who loves and collects brand sneakers. For example, sneakers like Jordans, Adidas, and many more. When I was a kid growing up I would see these kids walk around with nice sneakers with these cool colors that would catch my attention. But, growing up I wasn’t able to buy all the shoes that I wanted so I told myself that later on I will be able. Here we are today collecting all the sneakers that I like. Collecting sneakers is something a lot of people do and the reason behind it is because these sneakers have such a cool color way. The rule are simple you don’t have to have full knowledge about sneaker but willing to learn about them. If you don’t have enough sneakers that’s fine. There are a lot of ways that we communicate, a lot of sneaker heads communicate through social media such as instagram. Where people create a instagram account to show off their sneaker collection or to sell sneakers. There are many genres that influence our community. For example, I feel like celebrities coming out their own signature sneaker is something us sneaker head go crazy for. For example, Travis Scott coming out with sneakers make every sneaker head go crazy and they would literally line up camp out at night to get that sneaker. There are also influencers that have a pretty big collection that just amazes me and i look up tp and hope to have over 500 sneakers.

  12. Jeimi Bravo

    Jeimi Bravo
    Discourse Community: Teacher Assistant

    Discourse communities are common groups with goals, purposes, and communication. Three years ago, I began to work in a daycare center and became part of its discourse community. Many responsibilities being a teacher’s assistant has, it could be in a daycare or in a school where they are teachers and their teacher’s assistance, The teachers have their way of communicating they have their meeting later the teachers assistant will have their meetings discuss how to help the teachers how to help the students and how to make it easier for everybody. There are many things that we agree on, trying to agree on timing or certain rules. Being a teachers assistance has many responsibilities, if the teacher ever needs something to get done with another class, I would go and communicate with the teachers assistant to communicate with the teacher, or I could personally communicate with the teacher instead, we all had our specific ways of doing it and depending on how the communication is delivered.
    I have many different sets of goals while working, I had a strong passion for my job, and I cared about the toddlers. I found myself working a little bit overtime to get things done. As a teacher assistant, you want to make sure that the kids are comfortable and the teachers are not overcrowded with work, and easy to get through the day without any issues. To communicate throughout the day some teachers had each other‘s numbers to text during the day, it was also possible that I would have to go to another classroom to personally talk with one of the teachers. It was always very important to communicate with the parents because being in daycare with toddlers from 1 to 3 years old, parents always wanted to know how to trouble you, and it is so important to communicate with perfect language.
    Having meetings about the day helped a lot because we would have a meeting once every two weeks with all the teachers and then a different one with just teachers’ assistance to be able to communicate. Teachers would receive booklets at the beginning of the week describing the schedules of each class. These packets included information on what needed to get done or any special message from the parent. It was helpful because with so much going on it was so easy to forget what time was gonna be lunch or playtime each activity had a certain time so keeping things on paper and calendars and schedules very helpful.
    When we would communicate, it was always in a formal tone unless there was somebody whom you were comfortable with or even spoke outside of work, then you would speak an informal tone. The teachers were the ones that had the primary role that said what was going to get done, and mostly we would follow along, and at times when a teacher couldn’t be their president or the teacher’s assistant will take over for the day.

  13. Jsantana

    Name :Jorlyn Santana
    Discourse Community : SneakerHeads

    My DC is sneakerHeads. In this DC, it’s people from all walks of life that enjoy buying or selling of sneakers from different brands or companies. SneakerHeads is a DC because we all share a common goal and help each other with reaching that goal. A couple rules for the DC is to respect each other’s favorite brands and always involve the DC in any sneaker releases regardless of the brand. You gain entry with the DC if you can show your favorite shoe that you own and explain why you love it so much. As a DC we all want each other to get the sneakers we’ve always wanted. We help those among our DC with that by subscribing each other to Newsletters of sneaker brands and informing each other of sneaker release dates. Goals of the SneakerHeads DC are as follows : make sure everyone gets at least 1 pair of sneakers every month, everyone is aware of meet ups for trades or sneaker selling, and find the best affordable option for sneaker purchases. This DC uses WhatsApp as a mechanism of inter communication. It’s reliable and more effective for the amount of people in the group chat. Genres that help my DC are apps, calendars, & Instagram accounts. Apps such as Stock X , SNKRS, Grailed, Depop, etc. Many people in the DC synced their calendars with each other so that way we can see where & when the next meet up will be. Social media has also played a big role in the DC because many brands inform their customers of release dates through their socials. A specific Lexis of my DC is certain terminology we use to describe certain situations pertaining to sneakers. For example, if a sneaker’s price decreased on a app, members of the discourse community would say, “the price is cold” or the complete opposite of the price increased, “the price is getting hot.” In the DC there isn’t a level of expert members because we’re all collectively beginner members that are leveling up together

  14. Arlene Perez

    Arlene Perez
    Discourse Community: The American Legion

    A discourse community is a group of people that share common goals, a certain language only they know within their community and similar beliefs. According to Dan Melzer and John Swale all discourse communities have in common are: “A broadly agreed upon set of common public goals. Mechanisms of intercommunication among members. Use of these communication mechanisms to provide information and feedback. One or more genres that help further the goals of the discourse community. A specific lexis (specialized language). A threshold level of expert members.” A discourse community I am currently part of is The American Legion. It is a non-profit organization that was chartered by the US Congress for military veterans in 1919, almost one hundred and two years ago. It all began when war veterans came back home from World War I and did not have a community to stand for them and is where they created their very own discourse community. From that, come this huge organization that not only is it a community for veterans but an especially important support system and service to us all who have previously served. The American Legion assists us in transitioning from serving in combat, living hazardous and strenuous daily lives to a calm, civilian life with a normal 9-5 job. Some examples of universally agreed upon set of public goals are to make sure we get the proper healthcare for us and our families, financial benefits and compensations, etc. Ways we intercommunicate with each other are through phone or text conversations, social media group chats, meetings at posts spread out through the US and even in other countries. Even though during these times are difficult to meet up in person, we do what we can to stay united and in touch with each other. Currently we have a system in place called the “Buddy Check”, where we contact each other one way or another to make sure everyone is okay. This system was even in place before the pandemic struck.

  15. Christina Bethelmy

    Discourse Community- Online Shoppers/Customers
    “For businesses, shoppable Instagram posts are a great way to visually showcase products and drive more sales. And, thanks to Instagram Checkout, users can go from inspiration to purchase without ever leaving the Instagram app.” This piece relates to how the internet has transformed the way we shop, because of the various advantages and rewards, an increasing number of people nowadays choose purchasing items online over the traditional way of going into shops. It makes you ask what are some of the reasons why people enjoy online shopping and why is it so popular? While using apps like Instagram stores for example.

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