After you have chosen a  TOPIC for Project 2. Record your topic here! Check to see if Prof. C approved the topic! 

Then using what we learned from the in-class reading “Freewriting Exercises” by Peter Elbow, Free write on your topic. Write a 100-250 word free write on your topic. You do not have to do any research, just write what comes to mind! Here are the two questions you should use to drive your writing: What do you know about the topic? What would you like to learn about the topic? 

Please respond by replying to this post.


  1. Hamely Jose Taveras

    volleyball. the spik, bumps, dig, and the long days of practice. Ahhh I miss it so much. I remember being exhausted making the coming home just falling asleep with everything one lol. Volleyball for me was like my life I love being on the court and just experiencing the adrenaline and everything. I was really living my best life and didn’t even know it. I miss having to argue with all the girls about a play. I miss everyone encouraging each other. Do you remember having a completion on who was going to get the best grades in class? Man the old days where we used to get in trouble for speaking too loud about a game. game day was so exciting. Everyone braiding each other hair and just preparing. I miss the feeling of winning and weirdly I miss the feeling of losing. when we lose that when we build the most courage to train harder. man not having a time sucks. Midsummer in the park under the sun doing drills was so exhausting but also fun. What if I never get to feel that excited about something. I mean I remember now I wanted to get in trouble one and to get good grades And just having fun with my friends. Why is high school only 4 years? I hate the fact that COVID came in and we couldn’t play anymore. One day I want to coach the volleyball team. You know I want people to experience what it’s like to be in a team and feeling like they belong. Man, I want to help every high school student to get that experience. Did you know that most of the high school students don’t wanna play any sports team because they don’t have the proper facilities or equipment?
    When you don’t have this those things can be very frustrating and very boring you need to have a coach that is actually very exciting to teach you how to play. Oh well, the 10 minutes are up so bye.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      Excellent! Love this free write! I think this is an excellent topic and I can’t wait to see the research you find.

  2. mustapha

    MMA. A brutal sport that brings all types of people together. I would like to train mma eventually, but only out of respect for the sport. I don’t see myself pursuing a career or a hobby when it comes down to it, because I know just how damaging it really is. But it is still a really beautiful sport. All aspects of it. From the trash talk to their introductions at the beginning of the bout, to the first few moments of uncertainty when the fight starts equate you don’t know what the heck is going to happen. I don’t think that it’s healthy to get highly invested in it because it will leave you a nervous wreck on the weekends, but I still say it’s worth the risk.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      Honestly, I know nothing about MMA. I am really interested to learn a lot more. I can’t wait to hear about your research about the benefits of the sports and the challenges of the toxic culture.

  3. Elma Kastrat

    New day, new people. Every day in the head story will there be a lot of customers in the store or not. Who will work with me today? Are my friends working with me or not? So many questions in the head. Every day starts by wearing uniforms, black sweatshirt, with a store logo, and then stepping on a register where our schedule is. Before the coronavirus pandemic we had nice days with customers and we enjoyed our working days. However, a lot of things changed when coronavirus started. So many people got coronavirus or had to quit and leave the job because of the pandemic. Honestly, I felt so bad for all of those people, but that’s life. A lot of my friends stopped working because their parents started worrying for them and didn’t let them work, but my parents never said anything like that to me. They said that’s my decision if I would keep working or not. Because our supermarket is kind of a big supermarket we have a manager for cashiers who we call Front End (F/E). We had one very nice lady who used to do that job and I really enjoyed spending my time with her and working with her. However, when coronavirus started she had to leave the job because she has asthma and she was afraid for her life. Because of that I got a new position in the store, I got her position. Although I am now manager for the cashiers I am still in the group in which cashiers are classified. A Cashier’s job is not easy. Every day there are so many different customers. Our lives are at risk every day. We have to touch some may groceries, pack them in different bags, store ones or ones which customers are bringing with them. Even though we encounter difficulties every day our job is very nice because we are able to make friendships and learn so many things about life. Especially is great job for people who come from different countries and want to learn English. Practicing to talk with customers every day helps a lot.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      I love how you describe your very challenging and important work that has only become harder and more dangerous with Covid-19. I cannot wait to see the research you find.

  4. Arian Qosaj

    Nursing. The major that focuses on providing the best care for patients and diagnosing a patient. I can’t wait to be a part of the nursing program. It’s where you get to work with all different kinds of patients, see what their going through, give them the proper care they need, and give them the right medication. Being a part of the nursing program means that you are active and are ready to work with many different patients for long hours. Being a nurse takes a lot of responsibility as well. To me, nursing scrubs is the best part of being a nurse. It represents who you are. I want to learn more about how mandatory overtime affects nurses in a negative way and what kind of health problems it can lead to.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      Wonderful! I love to see your passion for your career path and I can’t wait to see what you learn about mandatory overtime and the work / life balance of nurses.

  5. Kevin Yu

    Boeing, A profitable Airline founded in 1916 had much success in the airline industry, they had a long history both in commercial and for the military a few examples are the C-32 who transports the president around or the B-52H Stratofortress a Bomber operated in 1950 throughout the Vietnam war and is still used today! another example is the KC-46 Pegasus is an aerial air refueling jet and a transport jet, one last example is the E-3 Sentry and is used for AWACS (airborne early warning and control) which detects who is friendly and foe in the air or detect enemy far away. With such a long history and great jets helping people travel and helping out the military throughout the time they were able to supply the world with their Boeing 747, 737, etc. It is amazing what Boeing can achieve but as time goes by there are also downsides to a large company such as Boeing and Boeing would try and reduce cost and that is the problem that faces Boeing, and the fact that they try and cover up stories makes the company look worse such as the 777 crash or the 737 crashes that they cover-up. It is hard to see a large airliner to try and cover up stories and it is more difficult to see because they are profitable and they can reduce the accidents by simply putting in the money to these jets but it is hard to convince such airliner to do so.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      I now may never want to fly again! I loved reading your free write about Boeing and can’t wait to learn more about their maintenance policies and practices.

  6. Pedro Flores

    Sneakers, sneakers are like art to me and to others. when there’s is a sneaker that is coming out people will camp all night just so that they can get a pair for themselves or pairs so that they can resell. Some people will do it through sneakers apps and if you get lucky you will a couple of pairs which you can also resell to others. I feel like some people would resell them for a reasonable price and then you have those people that will resell them for such a high price. somethings I would like to learn who what is the process of choosing the people that win the shoes and how many pairs can they. I would like to know if people that have family working in Nike or any shoe company If get first to pick on the shoes. if so I feel like they should be able to get a certain amount b/c if they get a lot like the kid of the CEO of Nike hi bought over thousands of shoes and that doesn’t make it fair to others trying to get shoes especially the limited shoes.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      These are great questions! I can’t wait to see what you find as you dig into your research. I just read an article about the crazy new sneaker filled with blood (??!!) what are your thoughts???

  7. Tenzin Namgyal

    When I was in high school I would always look forward to going home. I couldn’t wait to go home and get on my PS4 (play station 4). I would love getting on to play games like Call of Duty, FIFA and 2k. It felt great to just unwind from all the boring stuff in school and just game with my friends for hours. Playing was my escape from my boring daily life and it was almost a perfect experience if not for the toxicity of the gaming community. In almost any game that you can think of there are players who like to ruin others experience of the game by being toxic and disrespectful. They do this for numerous of reasons, some just like to see your reaction and think its hilarious, some just suck at the game and want to make you feel bad for being better than them and others just do it without even realizing that they are being super toxic. Gaming is something everyone enjoys but it has the ability to bring out the worst in you.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      This is such a great topic. I really enjoyed learning about why are you are interested in the topic. As my kids begin to venture into the world of video games, I too am really curious about online bullying connected to gaming. Can’t wait to see what you find and what solutions you might suggest.

  8. Shaniyah

    Nursing actually became a part of my life from one television show called “Grey’s Anatomy” if you aren’t familiar this show is a medical drama that zooms into the lives of interns, residents and attendings in a hospital, called Seattle Grace. This show would have my attention for hours and sometimes day’s. At first it made me want to be a surgeon, but to be completely honest I wanted a career in medicine that did not involve so much school. Surgeons will be in school until they are about 27-30. That’s when I started to pay attention to the nurses and nurse practitioners in the show, and I fell in love with the career. It doesn’t involve much school and the pay and benefits are great too. This is why I will continue to work hard now so that when I am finally a part of the City Tech nursing program I will be very prepared. One thing that interests me about this particular topic is the pandemic and how it changed nurses lives. From working extended hours from the long hours they already do to dealing with protecting themselves from the virus, keeping in mind as a nurse you have close contact with patients everyday. I wonder if outside in the public nurses faced some mean comments, because people may feel that nurses carry the virus, just because they work in a hospital. I know personally early on in the pandemic I was afraid to stand next to someone on the train or bus wearing scrubs, which is why I refrained from taking public transportation.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      Loved reading about what inspired your career and what motivates you to continue along this challenging path. Now, more than ever, as you note, nurses face such hard challenges and risks. I am very much looking forward to seeing your research and reading your ideas for possible solutions.

  9. Hanting Hu

    The community has consistently criticized the garbage problem on Brooklyn Eighth Avenue. As the immigrant population and the density of businesses increase, the garbage problem has become severe. In summer, rubbish will be scattered everywhere, and liquid will also flow out, causing the trash can or the ground to be messy and attracting flies8. The problem of avenue garbage has been improved due to the new crown epidemic and reduced street crowds, but it has recently started to deteriorate. Also, New York State has many different types of waste, and is there any way to recycle or dispose of the discarded waste? Air pollution causes poor air quality, a lot of people because air pollution has effect body health.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      This is such an important problem. I am really interested in seeing what research you find about the issue and what possible solution you might find for the problem.

  10. BrandonP

    Being a Sneakerhead is something that plays a very important role in my life. Being able to be in a community that so many are apart of is such a wonderful feeling. Sneakers is a way that allows everybody to be accepted and comfortable. Often times you make so many connections and friendships through sneakers that you never know what is going to come next in your life. I work at a sneaker store so I truly know what it is like for many people that come on release day hoping to successfully secure their size in the shoe that they want. However many times there so many resellers there before them or they win all the sizes that were raffled off due to the excessive amount of accounts they have. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is however if you truly want something you have to put the work into it. That is why resellers succeed often. Many of the sneakerheads aren’t spending their time entering all the raffles and waking up early to get to the store first. This enables resellers to obtain these limited items and upcharge many.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      I have to admit I knew nothing about sneakers before this semester and I am very much looking forward to learning a lot more about the industry and its challenges. I just read about the new sneaker filled with blood (!!??) yikes!!

  11. Jsantana

    About 2 weeks ago, a Nike Inc. executive, Ann Herbert was asked to resign due to new findings that show that her son had a massive sneaker reselling business. This caused a huge outcry from Nike consumers because this answered many questions pertaining to the lack of access they had to sneaker releases. Herbert’s son was able to get hundreds of pairs of sneakers and sell them for way more than they retail for. Also, when sneakers are released to the public, the quantity that should be accessible to customers is significantly decreased due to Herbert’s son family ties to Nike, which isn’t fair.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      I can’t wait to read about what possible solution you find to this real problem. It sounds like it is an issue that must affect the whole industry. I just read an article about that crazy new sneaker filled with blood (??!!) what are your thoughts??!!

  12. Avante Alvarez

    A big issue in the community is the size of clothing. A lot of streetwear brands doesn’t make clothing for people that are on the heavy side. most of them only go up to an XL and there is people that love these brand that where a size or two bigger. I do know it would coast little extra to produces but they would still make their money back cause these brand sell out in instantly. It almost feel like when brand do this they telling people you have to look a certain way to wear their clothing. it makes people feel left out cause of there size. Another problem with the sizing of clothing is the resell prices when clothing they charge any where between 2-10X the original price. this is a problem because they charge that much for nothing it. not like they put in work or labor to make it, all they did they just went to a store and waited on line or brought a bot to get it off line.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      This is such an important topic. I think its a real issue in the whole fashion industry and I can’t wait to read about what solution you find for your specific area. Great topic.

  13. Kelvin Leon

    We all know how drastically covid has changed our daily lifes. But everyone is at risk to catch it, mainly grocery workers. From coming into contact with people possibly less than 6ft, to touching produce that other people are tiuching, andother things. What I want to know is what are owners are doing to help lessen the risk of their own workers catching covid. Are they being provided with the proper supplies to keep them safe like gloves and handsantizer, or are they enforcing the rule of wearing a mask. All I know from expierence is SOME grocery markets are enforcing and supplying the supples to keep the workers and customer safe. I work at a supermsrket and they recently made it a store policy that costumers arent needed to wear mask if they choose not to.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      These are such great questions and so important. I am very interested in the research you find and in what possible solutions you find to address this crucial challenge.

  14. Ahsan

    Software engineering is the major where i can focus on how to develop new software. In this major i have so many benefits , a majority of software developers are not required to punch a time clock; they are generally salaried employees, judged upon the quality and quantity of what they produce. The best part is that almost all industries require software developers, we have the flexibility to choose to work in your favorite industry. As the world is becoming more digital and technology dependent day by day, the demand for software developers is drastically increasing. Computers and digital technology have emerged as a crucial part of our daily lives.

    • Rebekah Coleman

      Good, I love that you are looking at software engineers. What is the PROBLEM and SOLUTION that you are focusing on.

  15. Christina Bethelmy

    Community shops like Etsy and Instagram bring diverse groups and subcultures together.
    Etsy is an American e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.
    You can start your own shop in these communities with anything you want.
    You can share new interests and make recommendations.
    You can make reviews and rate how good or bad the product was, or inform the community about something similar.
    This discourse community can help spread kindness and products for everybody’s taste and you can find people who have the same/similar interests as you.

  16. Arlene Perez

    As a veteran I know and understand firsthand the struggles that we veterans go through after returning home from the military. I will be discussing the issues we go through in transitioning and how non-profit organizations and even Congress can help change these issues. When veterans complete their time in the military, the transition to the civilian life can be exceedingly difficult. We come across issues such as unemployment, homelessness, physical handicaps, and poor mental health. Coexisting with cultures, values, and norms different from those of the military, striving to fit back into society. I would like to learn what is really being done by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

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