All assignments are DUE on the day they are listed.

Any changes made to the following schedule will be announced on OpenLab under the Weekly Assignments. It is your responsibility to keep up with all announced changes. 



The first two weeks of the course are about getting to know each other and building a strong class community, becoming familiar with the course website, and establishing our collective expectations for the course. 

Week 1

Tuesday, February 2  ||  Thursday, February 4

Week 2

Tuesday, February 9  ||  Thursday, February 11

Module 1:  Discourse Communities

Module One: We will explore the concept of Discourse Communities and identify one Discourse Community that you are a part of. You will research the Discourse Community, find an important artifact to the Discourse Community and finally write an analysis of the Discourse Community. 

Project 1: You will write a 1000 word analysis of your Discourse Community, introducing it to an outsider. You must both prove the Discourse Community is in fact a Discourse Community and effectively reach your intended audience.

Week 3

Tuesday, February 16  ||  Thursday, February 18

Week 4

Tuesday, February 23  ||  Thursday, February 25

Week 5

Tuesday, March 2  ||  Thursday, March 4

**Project 1 Due***

Module 2: Research and Inquiry

Module 2: You will begin a research and inquiry process that will span Modules 2 and 3.

Project 2: You will prepare a short oral presentation on your research and then write an annotated bibliography on your 4 sources that is at least 1200 words.

Week 6

Tuesday, March 9  ||  Thursday, March 11

Week 7

Tuesday, March 16  ||  Thursday, March 18

Week 8

Tuesday, March 23  ||  Thursday, March 25


Week 9

Tuesday, April 6  ||  Thursday, April 8

Week 10

Tuesday, April 13  ||  Thursday, April 15

**Project 2 Due***

Module 3: Multimodal Repurposing

Module 3: In Module 3, you will repurpose the research you compiled in Module 2 and create a multimodal project using the genre/ medium to best reach your intended audience.

Project 3: Using your research from Module 2, you will create a multimodal piece in a genre that you feel best reaches your intended audience. You will also write an accompanying author or artist’s statement. Together, the two pieces will be at least 1800 words.

Week 11

Tuesday, April 20  ||  Thursday, April 22

Week 12

Tuesday, April 27  ||  Thursday, April 29

Week 13

Tuesday, May 4  ||  Thursday, May 6

**Project 3 Due**

Final Portfolio and Reflection

Final Portfolio and Reflection: For your final portfolio you will compile a revised and edited version of all of your projects and your Module 1 and 2 Reflections. You will also write a 1000 word final reflection that looks back on your writing experience over the course.

Week 14

Tuesday, May 11  ||  Thursday, May 13

Week 15

**FRIDAY MAY 21, Final Portfolio Due***