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My mother wanted to be a pediatric nurse, and she didn’t go through it, but instead became a preschool teacher, so growing up, I’ve always been exposed to children and prone to looking after children. Everyone always thought that if I wanted to, I would become a caring nurse. What made me go through this is when I watched a documentary on how black women were treated in the maternity aspects of health care .Nurses are an inspiration because they do it for the love of the profession. … I’m inspired to become a nurse because when I’m in the hospital, a caring, dedicated nurse will be there to help every step of the way. 

Description of Artifact

My artefact from my discourse community would be the many memes and text we share over our group chat . This is my artefact because those are the little things that maintain the chat. It is not really related to school but it sustains our friendship and relieves the heaviness trouble of school . The artefact contains traces of ethos and pathos  when we could have been in a serious discussion of school and trying to make sense of something when one of the members of the group chat finds it in herself to disrupt the order of things by texting something funny. One of us could have stressed and that one joke lighting the atmosphere. The tone of the artefact is informal because it is a group chat where we share everything and nothing.

Discourse community


 Discourse community:Whatsapp friends group named girls


 The group chat was founded in high school by a group of friends who wanted to maintain contact outside of school. The community chat is open to all questions. We all come from different cultural backgrounds, and none of us speak the same languages, so learning different cultures and languages from each other is very ecstatic. We share music, memes and everything that helps to grow our friendship,makes plans for getting togethers.  Our way of understanding and communicating is so high that sometimes we understand each other when we speak other languages in front of each other.  

We all go to the same college and go for the same major and some are more experienced than each other, and it was hard for some of us during the pandemic, so the group began importing the concept of a tighter schedule and study time together and homework assistance.  The group administrator is the first of us that went to collège and has the highest gpa . Not all of us are in college, the rest have stayed in high school and have learned some tips from us from college. From what I understood, a circle of friends is the most utter form of  a discourse community .We support each other at every step of the way to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves and uplift each other.

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