My name is Annie and I’m 19 years old,it is my first year at City tech. I’m from the caribbean principaly a little country called Haiti. I’m trying to be a nurse and this class is required for my major. I like learning  about new languages and culture even and I’m a Kpop , Webtoon, Wattpad  addict ,thai drama and japanese and chinese drama, everything that comes my way, I watch everything if there is my languages substitles. I’m more comfortable reading in my bed while listening to music  and I’m an open verse poet , while learning English I became more preoccupied about my pronunciation and writing so I became more of an introvert that I already are by fear of being judged of how I speak. I like writing in english and I prefer paper because I kind of hate writing on a computer or whatever it is. I don’t have a favorite book but I remember the last one that mark me it is by Trevor Noah born a crime it made me reflect of how much racism is a thing and how the author turn it into a laughable things while focusing on the essential.