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Assignment for Week 12, pt. 2

The written portion for this week will not be a direct response to the readings. Instead, your assignment will be to post (1) “sketches” of your presentation and (2) a working bibliography.

You can interpret sketches literally or very loosely. You can include actual drawings, outlines of material, brainstorms of related ideas, relevant images, or a slide deck in progress. You may still be in the early stages of organizing your ideas. But you should establish the direction in which your presentation is headed. And you should be thinking about your own theories regarding the designs in question.

The bibliography can include relevant assigned readings, but it must also include at least 6 outside sources. If you’ve already retrieved 3 library sources for Week 11, you need to add at least 3 more for this week. The cumulative total up to this point should be 6

Discussion 12 Guidelines

This week’s discussion is a follow-up to Steven Heller’s Underground Mainstream essay, and an opportunity to think outside of the traditional design box.

With Heller’s idea in mind, think of a recent cultural trend that is underground, but which may go mainstream. It can be music, movies, fashion, something on social media, or really anything that takes place outside of advertising and design. Create a new Discussion Post in which you describe that trend to us.

You can format your post however you like. You can record a video of yourself talking. You can type out your idea. You can design a quick graphic. You can share images or links to relevant videos. However you go about, consider the following set of questions…

What is the trend you’re describing? Where did it originate? Who started it? Has it already gone mainstream with certain audiences, perhaps in a particular region or within a specific demographic group? Would you like to see this trend become more mainstream? Or will widespread attention dilute its messages? What do you think it will look like if and when the trend goes mainstream? Will the originators receive the attention they deserve, or will imitators take the credit?

Once you’ve posted please be sure to check out your peers’ posts as well. Comment on at least 3.

Week 11 Checklist

April 11-14
Welcome to Week 11! According to the college calendar this is a very short week, ending on Thursday. However, you will have until the start of next week (April 24) to complete your tasks, which means you really have two weeks. I would recommend getting started sooner than later, especially when it comes to the asynchronous class materials – then you can begin really thinking about your final.

Asynchronous Class Materials
1. Watch the first half of the Presentation for Week 11: Modernism and Postmodernism
2. Leave comments if you have any questions regarding the content covered or the readings in question
3. Watch the second half of the Presentation for Week 11: Sample Finals
4. Leave comments, or email me, with any questions you may have
5. Create a new Discussion Post, following these Guidelines, in which you describe ideas for your Final.

Assignment / Homework
6. Read the PDF attached in this week’s Assignment
7. Respond with a new Post, following the instructions in that Assignment. As noted you should be thinking about your idea for the Final, and you must include citations

As always, please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the tasks for this week. I know that finals are looming on the horizon, but I hope you’re able to find some time to relax and enjoy your Spring Break!

Assignment for Week 11

Our next reading will be a relatively short essay by Steven Heller, from 2008, entitled The Underground Mainstream. Here is a PDF: 

Note that our response to this text will once again take the form of a new Post in which you write 3-4 paragraphs responding to the text. However, for this one there is an important additional requirement:
You must include 3-4 sources accessed through library databases. You can log onto the library’s website using your CUNY credentials. I find that Jstor and Ebsco ebooks are both great resources, but you should explore a few.

If you have questions about using library resources for conducting your research, a good deal of information can be found HERE.

Here is your prompt:
How, according to Heller, is the concept of mainstream vs. underground relevant in contemporary design? Where do the designs or the designer that you’ll be addressing for your final presentation fit into this dichotomy? What sort of underground designs influenced the work in question? In what ways has the work in question shaped the mainstream? Or how will it do so in the future? Provide full citation information for at least 3-4 sources from the library to support your response.

As per usual, you can type your response into the body of new Post, categorized as a Response. Please just add your cited sources at the bottom of that post.

Discussion 11b Follow-Up

After watching the Second Video for this Week, which provides an overview of some successful presentations from past semesters, please consider some ideas that you would like to address for your final presentation.

Create a new Post, categorized as a Discussion. In that Post, try to answer the following questions, or at least begin to sketch out some ideas that might be related to these…
– Is there a particular designer or design trend that you find interesting, and that you might like to explore in greater detail?
– What makes that work interesting or compelling for you?
– Is there a specific time in that designer’s career that is a particularly interesting or compelling? Or if you’re thinking about a design trend, is there a time frame that can be defined within a few years?
– How are the designs in question related to the things that we have read throughout the semester?
– Is there a particular text, or school of thought, that we covered, which interested you or that you would like to know more about?
– Can you formulate a theory of your own regarding the designs that you are considering?

Again, you don’t not need to have a perfectly clear vision for your final at this point. And you are not committing to any particular topic through this discussion. We’re still mostly in a brainstorming phase. The goal for now is to bring you closer to settling on an idea.

Discussion 11b: Final Presentation Samples

Here is the second half of the asynchronous presentation for this week. In this video I share some examples of recent final presentations. You’ll see that each of these presentations were very well done, but there is not really one exact formula for successfully completing this project. You’re encouraged to consider the unique approach that you might adopt to address the theories and ideas that are most relevant to your particular design interests.

Remember, if you need a refresher on the final presentation guidelines, they can always be found HERE.

Please leave comments or email me with any immediate questions you may have.

After you’ve begun to consider some topics, you’ll respond according to these Guidelines.

Week 10 Checklist

April 4 – 10
Welcome to Week 10. It will be a fairly busy week, with your second papers due at the end of it. There’s a little more video content than usual – which should help to prepare you for that paper. Because of that, your required contributions to the asynchronous discussion will be minimal.

Asynchronous Class Materials
1. Watch the first half of the Presentation for Week 10: Rhetoric of the Image
2. Leave comments with any lingering questions you may have, or email me if you still feel completely lost.
3. Watch the second half of the Presentation for Week 10: Sample Topics
4. Again, Comment if you have any immediate questions, or please email me if you have any concerns or uncertainties regarding the ad that you would like to write about.

Assignment / Homework
5. Compose your second paper, following the guidelines in this Assignment
6. Create a new Post including an image of the Ad you choose, and the PDF of your paper.
7. Complete the readings listed in this Assignment

Yes, there are still readings for next week! (We’ll need to have something to discuss next week.) You should complete them after the paper. You do not need to post a response to these readings.

Assignment for Week 10, pt. 2

After you have completed your second paper, there are two new readings for next week. These readings are unrelated to the paper, but they will serve as the basis for next Week’s asynchronous discussions. They are as follows:

Paul Rand, Good Design is Goodwill (1987):

Denise Scott Brown, Steven Izenour & Robert Venturi, Learning from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form (1972):

Please be sure to budget your time so that you can give proper attention to these readings.

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