COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Research project


  1. Iqra Bhatti

    Hey, Gloria,
    Great presentation on a topic that is relevant to what is vital in our lives right now: social media. Myspace is a fantastic social media platform. It was amazing to learn about this platform as it social media that turned everybody into a designer. Thanks for sharing this great platform.

  2. Simonlei

    First off I would like to say your presentation was very nostalgic. Although I never had a myspace I was born into the time it was created, so view your presentation uncovered a hidden memory. I love the information being presented with the visuals backing up the work made the presentation flow well. You spoke in a clear tone. One suggestion I may have is to not use the green boxes around your text as its distracting.

  3. Ebony Derrick

    I really enjoyed this presentation and also believe that now social media plays a huge role to help designers become discovered. I’ve always heard of MySpace being similar to Facebook. Your presentation was very informative and the way you brought up each topic connected into place with each topic.

  4. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thank you for this trip down Memory Lane Gloria! I may be the only one here who actually had a MySpace profile, but I can tell you that it blew everyone’s minds.

    The idea that anyone could very easily customize a web page really did change the way that people used the internet – for better or for worse. The examples that you shared give a taste of just how terrible some of the design choices were, but it was also very fun to see that kind of anarchy. It’s something that really can’t be done on today’s platforms.

    It might also be interesting to consider the role that media devices have played in shaping our relationship to social media platforms. The introduction of smartphones could be another important change that led people away from MySpace. Thinking back to the Marshall McLuhan reading, I wonder what that might say about the medium and its messages.

    Very cool topic and very cool presentation.

  5. Lin Chao Chao

    Hi Gloria, your presentation was great. Made me aware of the Myspace platform. It’s a great platform for everyone to be a designer. I am also very interested in this.

  6. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    I appreciated your presentation and completely agree with you that Myspace was once one of the most famous social networking sites, and many businesses have since followed in their footsteps. People were allowed to exhibit their creativity by being creative with their profiles and page, making everyone a designer.

  7. Sadman Hafiz

    Very well put presentation Gloria!
    I agree with everyone that social media plays a huge role in a designer’s career and even for new designers to learn about the new design trends and the demand. Overall very detailed and informative presentation, great work.

  8. Yiqiang Wang

    Thank Gloria for letting me know what MySpace is. I didn’t grow up in America. Before I came to America, I didn’t know what MySpace is at all. Even after I came to America, I still didn’t know much about MySpace, but after reading your presentation, I learned that MySpace was the first social media platform to reach an audience globally. Its emergence provided a reference for many later social media platforms, And it allows users to design their own pages freely, you are not restricted by the rules of social platforms, but you are free to express yourself in various elements, which is very cool.

  9. Faye Wang

    It’s really glad to know this great media platform. I love their artist of the day part, gives me a chance to aware of those talent artist and their works. Great presentation!

  10. Guen Fung

    I fondly remembered Myspace, although it was shut down. I felt like it was one of the peak in many people lives with one of the first social media. Now a days they seem to come and go, at least with Myspace it is remembered and their legacy lives on.

  11. Angela Iacono

    Great work, really interesting topic. I didn’t realize that myspace had such an impact on the world and how we see ourselves.

  12. Shayne Coley

    hi great presentation sometimes i forget that myspace made an impact towards how we use modern social media. it brought me bake to my childhood when the internet was completely different then it is today

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