COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

shayne coley final presentation

here is my final presentation


  1. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thanks for a very nice presentation Shayne.

    I’m glad that you focused specifically on the typographic elements of David Carson’s work, and the movement that he inspired. As far as I know, Carson never really articulated his approach in a precise way, like some of the other designers we’ve encountered, which can make it a little tricky to pin down. But examining some of the very exact rules that he breaks from Jan Tschichold’s New Typography, or Beatrice Warde’s ‘crystal goblet’ approach, or even Karl Gerstner’s programmes could certainly tell us some of the things that it is not.

    Your consideration of the technology used is also very relevant. It’s interesting to think that desktop publishing probably made Carson’s approach possible, but newer technologies diminished its relevance.

    Either way, David Carson continues to give designers a great deal to discuss, and often to argue over!

  2. Ebony Derrick

    I like your video, the focus on grunge typography was very interesting since this is my first time hearing the term. I like that the reason behind the creation of grunge typography is to allow people to do typography design but make it unique to represent the artist.

  3. Iqra Bhatti

    Hello, shayne, You chose an amazing graphic designer. It was interesting to learn grunge typography. His work appeals to me.

  4. Yiqiang Wang

    Hello, Shayne, I can’t see your presentation video because it seems to need any permission, but I did see your slide. Your theme is mainly around the grunge typography created by David Carson. I have a certain understanding of grunge typography. I know that it was born because clear, practical and simple artistic styles (such as the International Typographic Style) were popular in society after World War II, but because this style could not express interesting ideas and personal styles well, then there was a postmodern artistic style. grunge typography belongs to a kind of postmodern artistic style, As you wrote in the slide, it is art against the original rules, so it has a very different style from the International Typographic Style

  5. Sadman Hafiz

    Hi Shayne, David Carson is an amazing designer I had some idea about his works from my past classes that I took but you provided some key information that I didn’t know before. It was nice to learn in-depth about the Grunge Typography. Very well done!

  6. Gloria Rosario


    Your presentation was very good, I love typography and you used great examples.

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