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Shayne Coley response week 12



Shayne Coley discussion week 9

The mta ad that Sadman Hafiz Posted last week interested me due to how well it show cases the diversity and inclusion of the ad. It shows us that the United States is home to multiple amounts of races and ethnic groups. The mta serves multiple amount of people from different race and ethnicity every day. This is important to advertise, to show that the mta supports an image of equality and respects the different races that takes the subway in the city. The image also is meant to tell us that the mta is a place where it do not matter what our skin color is we all have the right to take the subway:

Shayne Coley Week 9 Response

  • The reading presents a panzani advertisement.
  • The author Roland Barthes explains that
    there are three messages of panzani advertisement
  • Linguistics is the first message of panzani that is introduce. It is the natural arrangement of a scene that is included In the titles , margin , or a tag.
  • linguistic messages the second message of panzani mostly originates from the label on panzani products and a catch phrase that is located In the bottom right corner. They use linguistic messages to inform the audience that this is specifically for panzani products
  • Literal messages the third message is the information that is shown in the advertisement in which the audience can see without critical thinking. The audience can analyze and understand the image due to our eyes seeing different kind of things when they get older. Once the audience grows older and older they give the image that they see a meaning.
  • Symbolic message is based on the audience critical thinking That is presented in a surface level information that is in the advertisement. There are many hidden messages in a symbolic message however it is not the authors overall job to create the hidden message but rather how the audience interprets the mess.
  • The composition of the panzani ad is very similar to a still life painting according to the article.
  • according to the article the overall color of the ad is very similar of Italy due to the use of the color red and green which is very reminiscent to the Italian flag.
  • The ad is broken down into 4 signs of an advertisement.

Week 8 response/ assignment

I screen saved this magazine issue due to the events that are occurring recently that I find really upsetting This shows a picture of the Ukrainian flag and blood is dripping from the flag. This symbolized that Ukrainian is Endanger and thousands of people has died due to the Russian invasion. This also signifies the fall and collapse of of the country if Ukrainian doesn’t find a way to stop the war. The Ukrainian government is in a battle of there life.
I saw this on the Starbucks website and I thought it was pretty cool that they are advertising that Starbucks highers multiple people of color. It shows that Starbucks higher and acknowledge people from many different backgrounds.

Shayne Coley week 7 response/ assignment

In modern times media is portrayed as a convenance to our civilization. While media is seen as a convenient tool for the human population it is more then just a useful tool for mankind. It is also the extension and progression of what mankind is capable of doing . Marshall McLuhan first introduces the idea of media as extensions of man, he explains that in our modern world media is used to introduce roles which creates a sense of depth of involvement in there work. This in return creates a sense of new and innovative ways in evolving our usage of medium.
This extension of media can lead to many different ways to interpret the medium . For example when we look at ads or any think that involves send ing an important message in our works it can be used as a form of media , this media type is nicknamed content speech. In the article Understanding Media the extension of man by Marshall McLuhan explains that content speech” It is an actual process of thought, which is in itself non verbal.” For Instance an abstract painting could be used as a content speech since it represents a direct display of creative thinking processes as they might appear in computer designs. However our thought process mostly focus on the psychic and social consequences of the medium since they boost or increase our thought processes. The message for any medium is to change our outlook on in the affairs of humans.

There are a few ways that artist and designers can play a role in creating new messages for medium in general, such as creating a work environment that encourages new and fresh ideas. Also we must avoid shying away from topics that can be controversial. In our society we are expected to follow orders from our higher ups and execute the order. However this form of action can create a repetitive action or response. A repetitive nature can lead to many people to an apathetic attitude which creates a disinterest in there overall performance. When we are free to express ourselves we become more innovative since free space in courage humans to think harder. This attitude should be the way in how designers operate.

Shayne Coley Week 4b discussion

When it comes to thinking about the manifestos in designs there are three rules that i think are important when coming up with a design.

  1. confidence : confidence is very important when you are putting your work out there. It shows your strength In your design work and the ability to try new concepts in designing.
  2. Accept criticism: While criticism in ones work can negatively affect a persons confidence it should not waver your confidence but instead reserve and responded to the problem. criticism allows us to understand what should be done to improve our design This can help you to further improve in your designing skills
  3. have the passion: if we want to explore and contribute to the art industry you have to love what you do. That means we must constantly create new and excitIng things in art instead of doing something that has been done before .

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