COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Final Presentation – Guen


  1. Simonlei

    After viewing your presentation I can go back and say your project title was very well picked. No doubt the visual aspect of the presentation were great. Combined with the information being presented it flowed very well overall. One suggestion I have is to try and condense some of the presentation to bite size information. Overall I enjoyed the color pallet and the visuals.

  2. Iqra Bhatti

    Hi Guen
    The presentations were very interesting and informative. great topic. It was fun to learn more about advertisements.

  3. Ebony Derrick

    I found this presentation very interesting and had me thinking about advertisement in the food industry. Your referral to cigarettes as an example explaining that it has the same concept as someone having an unhealthy amount of sugar. The comparisons and examples you gave help explain your topic and help to explain that there are companies that try to manipulate its viewers in some type of way.

  4. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thanks Guen. Interesting topic, and I think very relevant for designers to consider.

    There are some serious ethical questions at play here. Is the designer ultimately responsible for this type of misinformation? Or for potentially creating a health crisis? And how would any one of respond if tasked to create a misleading ad – would we be willing to jeopardize our jobs or careers? And where would we draw the line between what we will and won’t do?

    You might recall that similar questions were alluded to in Paul Rand’s essay, Good Design is Goodwill. It’s also interesting to consider how someone like Kalle Lasn attempts to address these problems through culture jamming. Of course, the way that different media create different perceptions also reminds us of Marshall McLuhan’s ideas.

    There is certainly a good deal more that merits further investigation for this important issue.

  5. Lin Chao Chao

    Hi Guen, your speech was very interesting and very smooth. Being in that brand mascot place reminds me of the gifts those kids’ meal kits would give. The toys that I gave are very attractive to children. Every time I saw a new gift when I was a child, I wanted my parents to buy it for me.

  6. Sadman

    I loved the fact that you put so much effort into explaining what’s going on in the images that you have. You tried breaking down different details and terms that the advertisements used which I appreciate a lot.

  7. Yiqiang Wang

    Thank you very much for bringing us such wonderful content. You explained all the elements in the advertisement very clearly in the presentation. I think it’s great because it’s very helpful for us to understand the advertisement.

  8. Faye Wang

    I agree with your point. Advertising for children and adolescents is easy to affect this group of people who have not yet developed their minds, because they are in the stage of developing cognitive abilities. Therefore, designers should be more careful about their work and the message they express.

  9. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    Hello Guen!
    The presentations were both entertaining and educational. Excellent subject. Learning more about ads was fascinating.

  10. Angela Iacono

    Really great topic! It’s interesting to see how much misinformation there was even back then. The Domino sugar ad was pretty interesting especially when they were claiming that sugar was better than an apple.

  11. Gloria Rosario


    I am fascinated by advertisements and the secret messages behind ads. I never stopped to truly analyze an ad until I started taking this class, there is so much that we missed if we don’t pay close attention.

  12. Shayne Coley

    the presentation was very interesting i thought it was very educational out of all the ads i think was interesting was the domino sugar ad i like how they try to convince you to by the sugar by stating it was healthier and better then an apple

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