COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Final Presentation


  1. Ebony Derrick

    Your presentation is very interesting and I learned a lot about the magazine from you. I remember seeing the Girl’s Life Magazines around but never really knew anything about it.

  2. Iqra Bhatti

    Hi, CHAOCHAO! An exciting topic and presentation. I find these magazines incredibly intriguing. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on this topic.

  3. Gloria Rosario


    I really enjoyed your presentation, I love magazines and the fact that they use a pink background is very interesting to me as well.

  4. Simonlei

    I cant say ive read one of these Girl Life Magazines, so viewing your presentation is the find time i’m taking in this information. I enjoyed that you chose a topic that is out of my interest, but reeled me in to learn more. The presentation overall had great detail and presented interesting theories you came up with. The way you presented was clear to follow and understand.

  5. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thank you for this very nice presentation covering such an interesting topic Chaochao. Like Simon, I am not someone who would not normally pay attention to this magazine, so it is really nice to know more.

    It is probably not a huge surprise to learn that I haven’t spent much time with this magazine – though in my pre-teen years, I did have a subscription to a magazine called Boy’s Life for a few years. Thinking about either one invites consideration of the roles that these magazines play in shaping our ideologies or views toward the world. While it’s really nice to see that Girl’s Life takes great care to avoid racist views, I wonder if they are still presenting sexist or gendered ideologies. It’s a difficult question that many companies and publishers are grappling with.

    Either way, you’ve given us a great deal to think about it. Excellent topic for a nicely done presentation.

  6. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    I really enjoyed your presentation, and it was fantastic to see that we both selected to write about a certain magazine.

  7. Sadman Hafiz

    Very detailed presentation, you provided some beneficial insights about these magazines which honestly helped a lot in getting to know about the magazine’s backgrounds and some race-based ideologies that they used.

  8. Yiqiang Wang

    Hi CHAOCHAO I’m glad you introduced Girls’ Life magazine to us, it’s new to me because I hardly read magazines, but after reading your presentation, I learned a lot about this magazine, thank you.

  9. Faye Wang

    After watching your presentation, it really changed my perspective of this magazine. It’s great to know that it contains these much information for teenager girls. Guiding create ideology while pursuing beauty inside, very interesting point!

  10. Guen Fung

    The concept isn’t mind blowing to me about the racial aspect, but it is nicer to see it in details. Thankfully we are moving away from that traditional mindset.

  11. Angela Iacono

    I thought this was a really interesting topic we don’t see many teen girl magazines like this anymore and it brought back a nostalgic feel! Great work!

  12. Shayne Coley

    i thought the information that was giving to us was interesting topic i did not think girls life magazine would give a lot of useful informational topics for teenaged girls

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