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My name is Shayne and I was born In Brooklyn New York . I like to draw during my past time. The reason I chose this major is because I have a fascination with art and computers so I thought this major will be right for me

I’m 19

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COMD3504 Communication Design Theory, OL69, Spring 2022

COMD3504 Communication Design Theory, OL69, Spring 2022

An in-depth introduction to communication design theory, this course examines theoretical perspectives of design practice within the larger discourse of design and visual culture. Communication models, the nature of representation, the dimensions of context, and semiotics are explored through critical readings in key documents from the early decades of the twentieth century to the present.

Graphic Design Principles 1 spr ’21

Graphic Design Principles 1 spr ’21

This basic design and color theory course explores graphic communication through the understanding of the elements and principles of design, as well as the design process, including idea development through final execution. Students develop basic skills in twodimensional design, color and content creation while employing the design process of research, sketching and experimentation. Communication designers use the concepts explored in this course in disciplines such as advertising, graphic design, web design, illustration, broadcast design, photography, and game design.

COMD 2451 – OL23   Web Design I, Spring 2022

COMD 2451 – OL23 Web Design I, Spring 2022

Required for all associate level students, this capstone course is designed to showcase work done in previous courses. Focused on website design and development, topics include creative user interface design and best workflow practice. Students design a portfolio website using an HTML template, and learn web design, typography and web programming skills. HTML and CSS are taught.

COMD3292D031 3DDesign Spring 2022

COMD3292D031 3DDesign Spring 2022

Principles of three-dimensional design. Course covers an analysis of form and space.Topics include: geometric solids; architectonic organization of space, light and shadow,relief, the modular unit, motion, form and structure in nature. Applications to packaging, architecture, sculpture,environmental graphics. Investigation of the relationship between material form.

COMD 3330 OL98 Fall 2021

COMD 3330 OL98 Fall 2021

The emphasis in this intermediate photography class is on creative problem solving with photography for the Communication Design field. Students learn to transform subject matter with photographic style in order to communicate ideas.

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