COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

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  1. Iqra Bhatti

    Hi Simon,
    First and foremost, I enjoyed your first slide, which you named the “mouse.” I could tell from the first slide that this would be a fun presentation to watch. Second, I was familiar with this artist before. His work appeals to me a lot. His enthusiasm for making pop art is admirable.

  2. Ebony Derrick

    I enjoyed your presentation, I’ve also looked at some of his graffiti, pop, and Neo-pop pieces. The mouse theme that you have are some of his pieces that had caught my attention when doing some research on him. The background information that you gave based on the reasoning behind the mouse concept also help to understand more of Haring’s thought process throughout the pieces.

  3. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thanks Simon. Very nice presentation on a very cool topic.

    The signs and signifiers in these images appear to be very simple at first glance, but reveal themselves to be so complex. I’m glad that you considered Roland Barthes’ ideas to examine these images. You might have also thought back to Saussure and picked up apart even more of the pictorial elements at work.

    Keith Haring, and Warhol too for that matter, were both considered fine artists, but were also very aware of the commercial aspects of their own work. I wonder if that shapes or changes the perception of what they did with respect to graphic design or other mass communication media.

    Again, really interesting topic that offers a lot for us to think about.

  4. Lin Chao Chao

    Hi Simon, your speech was very interesting. I seem to have seen his graffiti works on social platforms a few times. Thanks for letting me know about this mouse that looks like Mickey but isn’t Mickey Mouse.

  5. Sadman

    Hi Simon,
    To be honest, I have never encountered this artist before and I am glad that I learned about him through your work. I have seen the Andy Mouse before and always thought of Mickey and I was amazed by the fact that it was originally inspired by Mickey Mouse. Thanks a lot for this presentation or I might have never learned about him.

  6. Yiqiang Wang

    Hello, Simon, thank you for introducing Keith haring’s works. Before watching your presentation, I stay in the people sketched by simple lines. But after watching your presentation, I know his another style of work Andy mouse, which is formed by combining Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Andy Warhol. I found it very interesting to combine two of his own favorite things into a new kind of artwork, which provided me with a new way of thinking when creating design work in the future.

  7. Guen Fung

    The art that Keith Haring does is seen so much, and I feel like people don’t even know who he is. There are a lot of clothing and patterns that mimicks his design a lot of the time I would see on the train.

  8. Faye Wang

    Thank you for sharing these interesting stories behind Andy Mouse. Your presentation really gives me a new perspective of re-creation from something well known with strong personal style. Simple lines and color combinations bring tension and recognition to life, thank you for showing his works alive.

  9. Andrew Bien-Aimè

    I found your presentation to be fascinating to watch. I had already heard of this artist. His art has a strong attraction to me. His desire to create pop art is wonderful. I like how they used powerful color in their artwork because it draws people’s attention.

  10. Angela Iacono

    I really enjoyed this topic, the illustrations were bold in color and design and you can see the direct influences and inspirations that you mentioned. His worked so simple and straightforward at first but when you related it to the theories it opened up so much more.

  11. Gloria Rosario


    This was an interesting presentation. The messages behind his work are very interesting, that you for explaining that so well.

  12. Shayne Coley

    hi i think you did a good job explaining andy mouse to me his work is visually appealing to me the way he dose his pop art is very unique

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