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Week 12 pt. 2

Discussion 12

An Interesting style that caught my attention on social media recently, is the concept of cakes with flower details on it that makes them look like Flower arrangements. I love this new type of decorations on cakes that some people are doing because it is very artistic and it looks absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure where this trend originated from but I have seem these type of cakes on The Great British bake off show. I also found some famous cake designers that have been working on similar stuff; Paul Hollywood, Ron Ben-Israel and Buddy Valastro and more. I think that we will be seeing more of this trend because replacing the use of so much frosting on cakes by natural details, in this case flowers is a great and different concept and I am sure some people will imitate and make better, different, I do see people going for these type of cakes.

Week 11-Response

Steven Heller discussed the power of advertising in this article “ The Underground Mainstream.” He begins by explaining how mass marketers have steal ideas from others for their work and sometimes make very small changes to someone’s work or just steal the idea all together. This behavior is not new, It has been around for centuries, specially during the avant-garde period. Mass marketers used advertising to target a specific group and they use this as their main focus. 

For my final, I want to discuss “Myspace” a social media platform that allowed people to design their page with music, colors, background images, pictures, text. In order to advertise their own page to attract family members, friends and of course in order to make new friends. Social media platforms has been evolving incredible fast and we have many tools at our disposable to adapt to these advancement. 

I found a few interesting articles that I intent to use as reference. I am focusing on finding articles related to advertising because I want to explore in depth how we have been advertising ourselves in these platforms and relating back to “The Underground Mainstream” we have been coping a lot of ideas from each others social media pages which is totally normal in the social media world and looking back at “My space” individuals would look at other people’s pages to get ideas on their music, used of color etc.

Discussion 11b

A designer that I find very interesting is Milton Glaser.  I have been raiding about him and his work and I would like to explore his work in detail. I find his work interesting because I like how simple some of his design is but also very beautiful because he played well with colors and the fonts to make the design stand out. A specific time in Milton Glaser’s career that I find very interesting was when he received the 2009 National Medal of Arts from president Barack Obama. I think that his designs relate to a lot of the things we have discussed this semester. Specially, design that is evolving with time but also design that after a long time is still very powerful. A perfect example to this is Milton Glaser’s ” I love NY” logo that he made on 1977. A particular text that we discussed that I would like to learn more about is Rhetoric of the Image by Roland Barthes, this article taught me a lot about the hidden messages in images. The design that I am considering for my final is a design that has impact humanity and perhaps even change the way we see the world today. 

Assignment 9b

This was a bit difficult reading for me, I read it twice and the second time I had a better understanding. However, I know that I need to read it again before I begin working on the essay. I had issues with the vocabulary, there were a lot of words that I wasn’t sure about the meaning. Some of these words are: quasi-tautological, metalanguage, connocted, polysemy, anchorage, proliferating, elucidation, lexicon, syntagm, diegesis. One more thing that was confusing to me, was the use of the word “code” I know in what context he is using the word but I I feel like maybe there is a deeper meaning that I am not getting? Overall, the article is very interesting and good explanations about the impactful use of language, image in advertising.

Discussion 9a

I chose Xiaofei’s ad post from last week. I have been seeing a lot of similar ads like these everywhere these days. Xiaofei mentioned in his post that we mainly see these type of ads in clothing brands and I also noticed the diversity in skin products Ads as well. For example, in my post last week I talked about; makeup brands that are doing a lot to make sure that we know that they make makeup for all skin types. I think that companies are making sure to include people of different race, background in their campaign. We grateful to live in a very diverse world and that should be portrayed all the time by these companies.

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