After watching the Second Video for this Week, which provides an overview of some successful presentations from past semesters, please consider some ideas that you would like to address for your final presentation.

Create a new Post, categorized as a Discussion. In that Post, try to answer the following questions, or at least begin to sketch out some ideas that might be related to these…
– Is there a particular designer or design trend that you find interesting, and that you might like to explore in greater detail?
– What makes that work interesting or compelling for you?
– Is there a specific time in that designer’s career that is a particularly interesting or compelling? Or if you’re thinking about a design trend, is there a time frame that can be defined within a few years?
– How are the designs in question related to the things that we have read throughout the semester?
– Is there a particular text, or school of thought, that we covered, which interested you or that you would like to know more about?
– Can you formulate a theory of your own regarding the designs that you are considering?

Again, you don’t not need to have a perfectly clear vision for your final at this point. And you are not committing to any particular topic through this discussion. We’re still mostly in a brainstorming phase. The goal for now is to bring you closer to settling on an idea.