COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Discussion 11b: Final Presentation Samples

Here is the second half of the asynchronous presentation for this week. In this video I share some examples of recent final presentations. You’ll see that each of these presentations were very well done, but there is not really one exact formula for successfully completing this project. You’re encouraged to consider the unique approach that you might adopt to address the theories and ideas that are most relevant to your particular design interests.

Remember, if you need a refresher on the final presentation guidelines, they can always be found HERE.

Please leave comments or email me with any immediate questions you may have.

After you’ve begun to consider some topics, you’ll respond according to these Guidelines.


  1. Maria

    Thanks for the great examples professor! So for this final presentation we can pick from a variety of things as long as it relates to design? As shown in the video some students focused on fashion brands, apps, and the designer itself. So I was just wondering if we were limited only to picking designers

    • Prof. Matthew C. Lange

      Yes Maria, you can focus on the work of a single designer, a design project, or a design trend – as long as your subject sticks to a clearly defined subject and time period. In my reply to your discussion post for this week I think I mentioned some ideas for how you could define those parameters for the topic you’re considering. Hope that was helpful, and hope this answers the question.

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