April 4 – 10
Welcome to Week 10. It will be a fairly busy week, with your second papers due at the end of it. There’s a little more video content than usual – which should help to prepare you for that paper. Because of that, your required contributions to the asynchronous discussion will be minimal.

Asynchronous Class Materials
1. Watch the first half of the Presentation for Week 10: Rhetoric of the Image
2. Leave comments with any lingering questions you may have, or email me if you still feel completely lost.
3. Watch the second half of the Presentation for Week 10: Sample Topics
4. Again, Comment if you have any immediate questions, or please email me if you have any concerns or uncertainties regarding the ad that you would like to write about.

Assignment / Homework
5. Compose your second paper, following the guidelines in this Assignment
6. Create a new Post including an image of the Ad you choose, and the PDF of your paper.
7. Complete the readings listed in this Assignment

Yes, there are still readings for next week! (We’ll need to have something to discuss next week.) You should complete them after the paper. You do not need to post a response to these readings.