This week’s discussion is a follow-up to Steven Heller’s Underground Mainstream essay, and an opportunity to think outside of the traditional design box.

With Heller’s idea in mind, think of a recent cultural trend that is underground, but which may go mainstream. It can be music, movies, fashion, something on social media, or really anything that takes place outside of advertising and design. Create a new Discussion Post in which you describe that trend to us.

You can format your post however you like. You can record a video of yourself talking. You can type out your idea. You can design a quick graphic. You can share images or links to relevant videos. However you go about, consider the following set of questions…

What is the trend you’re describing? Where did it originate? Who started it? Has it already gone mainstream with certain audiences, perhaps in a particular region or within a specific demographic group? Would you like to see this trend become more mainstream? Or will widespread attention dilute its messages? What do you think it will look like if and when the trend goes mainstream? Will the originators receive the attention they deserve, or will imitators take the credit?

Once you’ve posted please be sure to check out your peers’ posts as well. Comment on at least 3.