COMD3504 - Section OL69 - Spring 2022

Iqra bhatti-Final Research Project Recording

password: Final Research Project


  1. Sadman

    Very nice and colorful presentation Iqra! My favorite out of all was the turtle one. I loved how realistic it seemed in the middle but then turned into a flower. Also, good luck to you as well for the future.

  2. Prof. Matthew C. Lange

    Thank you Iqra! Very nice and colorful indeed. It’s very refreshing to see the work of a young designer like Kay Big Knife, especially when that work offers so many new perspectives.

    I find it very interesting that, and quite powerful, that the work can speak to you in such a meaningful way, despite the very different cultural background that informs Kay Big Knife’s work. We’ve seen a number of designers, like Herbert Bayer or Josef Muller-Brockman, who attempted to create ‘universal’ design rules. Perhaps someone like Kay Big Knife shows us that the universal qualities in design are not something that comes from generic objectivity, but something that comes from a deeply personal approach.

    To that end, I’m glad you shared the personal anecdote regarding the appeal of this designer’s work. Very nicely done.

  3. Ebony Derrick

    I like the topic you chose. The colors of the designs are very neutral, pastel, and vibrant which I feel make it more appealing to the eye. I also really like that your presentation is informative and it makes the topic easier to understand.

  4. Angela

    Her artwork was incredibly vibrant, bold, and detailed. I really enjoyed the piece with the turtle and I loved the quote, “A leaf is not beautiful because it is stylish, but because it is natural.” and I think her work reflects that. Great work!

  5. Xiaofei Wang

    It’s great to know such a thoughtful artist. She has never tried too complicated graphics in her works, but she can express a strong sense of national culture only by repetition and symmetry. Excellent work pieces, I really enjoyed to watched your presentation.

  6. Chaochao

    I really like the theme you chose, it’s very colorful. I also love flowers, flowers bring joy to me, I like to photograph beautiful flowers on the road and buy flowers to decorate my house.

  7. Guen Fung

    I love the aspect of nature in design, maybe because we are in the city and this isn’t what I am used to. But the general direction of art and flower meaning to me, it is just a feeling of comfort and life.

  8. Andrew

    HI Iqra!,
    Kay Big Knife’s art is actually satisfying to view. Her work is bright and colorful, and it’s fun to look at. Thanks for introducing us to Kay Big Knife, where I can learn from other industry designers.

  9. Simonlei

    One of my favorite elements of design is color and your presentation has no shortage of them. Adding color can change the way a piece of art work is perceived and I think you chose an interesting artist who brought out the best of design and color. Its always a treat to learn about how different artist utile and make something like a flower their own distinct twist.

  10. Yiqiang Wang

    I think flowers are pure natural works of art. They have bright colors, symmetrical shapes and even good smell. So I’m glad you can introduce this artist who likes painting flowers to us. In her paintings, I can see bright colors and repeated shapes, which well shows the characteristics of flowers. In her animation works, I can also see that she integrates flowers with the cultures of different nationalities to a certain extent.

    I’m also glad you can share your story with flowers and the paintings you painted on your hands. Your painting reminds me of henna art in India. Henna art is a decorative art with a long history. Painters will use a natural pigment to draw flowers or other patterns on customers’ hands or other parts of their bodies.

    Finally, I hope you can create more excellent works about flowers in the future.

  11. Gloria Rosario


    I really enjoyed your presentation, I love flowers so this was a great topic for me and you used great visuals.

  12. Shayne Coley

    hi out of all of Kay Big Knife art i think i like the turtle one due to how vibrant it is. kay was able to make the flowers very colorful and vibrant

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