At this point you should have completed your research, then posted both the final PDF of your presentation and the PDF of your bibliography. (This was last week’s Assignment.)

Now it’s time to record your presentation! I find that the best way to do this is to: 1. Open your Personal Meeting Room in Zoom
2. Select Record on This Computer
3. Share your screen to whichever program you are using for the presentation
4. Start talking!
5. Click End Meeting when you are done. It should save to your computer then open the window in which it is saved.
6. Edit any extra material from the beginning and end of your video. (You can do this in Finder on a Mac.)
7. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. Copy the link for the finished video
8. Create a new Post on our OpenLab site to share your video.
9. In the Block Editor for the Post, click the plus + sign then find YouTube or Vimeo. Paste the link into that field.
10. Categorize your Post as Research Project.
11. Click Publish
12. Give yourself a nice pat on the back – your research project is complete!