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Society of Illustrator鈥檚 Art Out Loud Online!

Please join me tomorrow, Wednesday 9/30 at 1pm EST, for an hour long, live studio visit and art demo, courtesy of the Society of Illustrator鈥檚 Art Out Loud series.  I鈥檒l be sharing my process and work in progress for my upcoming book with Nat Geo Kids, Pirate Queens the Dauntless Women who Dared to Sail the High Seas, and I couldn鈥檛 be more excited!   

I’ll be taking questions, so feel free to ask anything you’d like! Also I know a lot of bad pirate jokes, so if you join me, you鈥檝e got that to look forward to! 

HOW to watch:

Open your IG app at 1PM EST. Go to the Society of Illustrators @soi128 profile page, Click on the Pink Circle that appears, then Hang out with me! 


  1. Jia Wei Wang

    Ooooh, can’t wait to watch it! 馃檪

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