Reflective Photo Journal #3

My family visited a few weeks ago and it was very exciting being able to see them again! We visited Downtown Disney, Clearwater beach, Universal Studios, and ended the trip with Disney World (Epcot and Magic Kingdom).

Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

It was the first time I visited Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure after over a decade and I really enjoyed myself! Although it’s a different environment than Disney World, I think it has its own charms. There is less interaction between guests and Team Members (Universal’s version of Cast Members) but the team members still try to stay in character. Disney and Universal have team members/cast members who are very into their role but there are some exceptions… I did notice some less-than-enthusiastic people in both parks. It’s disappointing but I’m not surprised they’re there. The type of person they are, lack of motivation, poor management, or a number of other reasons may be why these employees are unhappy, which may be an issue leaders in each section may want to look into.

My family in front of the castle

Finally came the day that we visited Disney World! We only spent a day at the parks and so were only able to visit Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Although I was finally able to watch Wishes in its entirety, I felt like my family and I didn’t get to do much. I wasn’t as familiar with the parks at the time as I wish I were, so I was overall ineffective as a tour guide. Since then I’ve gone on more rides and explored a lot more, which has been helpful with my interactions with guests and will also be beneficial for the friends and family who will be visiting me in the future.

Dragon @ Main Street Electrical Parade

Dragon @ Main Street Electrical Parade

It was also my first time watching the Main Street Electrical Parade. It’s amazing seeing how much energy the performers, characters, princes, and princesses have to be dancing, waving, and smiling all the way from Main Street to Frontierland. I aim to have as much energy in my merchandise role as they do dancing and shouting in front of the many guests at Magic Kingdom.

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  1. Being a tour guide is difficult and I am sure your family relied on you for everything (as our guests do!). Understanding the intracacies of the Parks is vital to the guest experience and Cast Members often help guests develop their expertise. In what ways have your leaders, or management in general, encouraged you to learn about the parks and resorts?

    • Keriann says:

      I haven’t heard too much from my leaders and management about visiting the parks as often as I’ve been encouraged to purchase and try the merchandise. I’ve been told to try the peanut butter Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies treats, caramel popcorn, Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, dole whip, and so many other treats! We’re also encouraged to use merchandise, such as wearing a Mickey Mouse hand or waving hello with an Agent Perry plush to “merchantain” guests. It’s a way for us to use merchandise to not only make us look unique but it’s also a way for us to learn about our products. We’re also able to engage guests with a “high-four” or talk to them using our prop as a conversation piece.

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