Weekly Journal #6

The festival flower garden started this week on Wednesday and it has been pretty busy. We have a concert every weekend from different artists from old times, which is pretty cool. Epcot looks way better, everywhere you go there’s flowers and they are beautiful. When you walk to the entrance there is a garden where Pluto and Goofy are. I truly do love my job. I feel like I have my second family. Its nice seeing my co-workers and the leaders interacting with each other and joking around, it’s a very good environment.

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On one of my classes, experiential learning the class had to meet in Epcot. It was so much fun, we formed groups and got on rides. Our activity to do was to choose which right was entertaining, education or both. I got to know my classmates on a better level and we got to interact with each other. Later that day I went to Hollywood Studios with one of my roommates. It was my first time being there and I had a great time. We got there at five and I got on almost all the rides when closing was at 8. I got lucky on riding tower of terror, which is one of my favorite rides now. Can’t wait to go back! IMG_0355

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  1. A busy day indeed. Please share with us what you learned during your visit to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. It might be something you will use now to assist guests or in the future when you are a manager.

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