Reflective Weekly Journal #15

Its my last week, I have to say goodbye. School finished, I am going to miss my classmates. My last two days of work weren’t the best, I wish I could have ended work happy. One of the legs on a bird-bathe we had broken and a mousse I had been working on went straight to spoilage. I was so sad but my legs just started moving and the next thing I knew I was holding back tears as I mopped away the mousse. The culinary team came to help me and asked if I was okay, physically I was but mentally I was just upset. My co-cast member from pastry just looked at me and continued her work and we cleaned around her.

My last day we didn’t really speak, she was cold towards me, but I didn’t care it was my last day at Disney. The chef at the end of the night allowed me to take pictures of the restaurant I worked so hard for. As I looked around the room I knew that because of all the work I did I helped to create magic moments and make people smile in this place. All the long nights of working, the tiring days at school where I couldn’t keep my eyes open, the days I had to choose between sleep and hanging out. All of it, it was hard, but now I know I can handle anything Disney can throw at me. As I walked through the kitchen for the last time, I got a look of the new CP who would replace me. I was the CP to work pastry at Be Our Guest, I set the bar for those after me, I hope I set it high. I talked to the new CP, wished her good luck, and then walked away. However I was greeted by the one person who had actually trained me, I received a big hug, a sad good bye, and a good luck. As I walked away I heard her tell the new CP, “she was the first CP, you have some big shoes to fill.” As the elevator closed and I clocked out my heart sank. I would soon be leaving Disney.

My graduation was so much fun, got to the characters, get my diploma, and see my friends from out of state/country for the last time for a while. Then I went home to pack and get ready to leave. The day before I left the complexes, I lived. I went to Ohana to eat, then to the beach then to go home and pack everything so I can be out of my apartment by 11am the next day. It was the best way to end my program. My boyfriend helped me to pack and get everything in the van on the day I left. As I left the complexes, I couldn’t help but be sad, I made a life here and now I must leave.

My journey to become a Pastry chef will continue in New York, but my journey at Disney is over. I will miss it so much. The friends I made, the relationship I started, the mentors I had, the obstacles I went over, the happy moments and the sad moments, all of it I can’t believe how quick it slipped by.

Goodbye Disney, until next time……….



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