Weekly Reflective Journal #12

This week going into Hollywood Studios as a guest, I got to experience someone giving me a magical moment. I was at the Backlot Express by the Indiana Stunt Show. I was there because I wanted to try the dark side waffles (Darth Vader), however on the menu it came with chicken. Usually restaurants have an option of taking certain parts of the dish out.

When I was next to order, I asked the cast member If i was able to purchase the waffle only. The cast member said no, sorry, there is no input for that on the register and that it had to come with the chicken. I then said I was vegetarian and I only wanted to try the waffles. I was deeply saddened and the cast member saw how disappointed I was and said don’t worry, i’m sorry about that, but I’ll give you two waffles on the side (which is what it came with). I was so happy and I made the rest of my order. When I was waiting for my order along with the waffles, he turned around and said there should be that option for people like you, if they’re able to opt out of the fries they should be able to opt out of the chicken.

I thanked him and said he gave me a magical moment. I loved the fact that he went out of his way to do that for me, going the extra mile is what Disney’s all about. I then left and came back with a 4 keys card for him, I really thought he deserved it. That was the first 4 keys card I gave to someone. I realized it is the 74,000 cast members that make the magic happen for guests, WE are the stars of the show, I mean we are cast members.


I finally finished my CPR skills assessment as the last step to achieving my certification. I am now CPR certified and ready to save some lives. I learned so much through the course, although it was short. I am glad I know what to do during a situation, how to assess it, how to take charge, the right procedures to help somebody. This certificate lasts for two years. I will keep it with me always.


I also took  the 4 keys basics training class this week during work. It was a 3 hour class with activities to remind us about the 4 keys, how important they are and how to utilize them while on stage.

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  1. The CPR Certification is a big deal. Congratulations. Make sure to add it to your resume and portfolio.

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