Weekly Reflective Journal #11

Classes at WDWCP is coming to an end. I’ve been working 6 days a week lately with double shifts sometimes, I’ve been very busy. As a park greeter, we’ve been having changes to our assignments. A lot of the changes are supposed to make us more engaging with the guests.

Since we have two new Star Wars shows, we now are allowed to carry light sabers. There are many uses to the light sabers with engaging with guests. A lot of children tend to battle you and it’s a fun way to make the whole family smile, because Disney is all about keeping the imagination alive.

We now have sticker and pin duties as well. The pins make it easier for guests to have access to them, that way they don’t have to go into a crowded merchandise store to pick them up. As for stickers it’s a way to create a magical moment with a young girl or boy. Oddly, some days I get more adults excited about the stickers than their children. Disney is always finding new or old ways to continue the best possible guest service.


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