Weekly Reflective Journal #14

It’s our last week in Orlando, and Disney is throwing us a party!

It’s a graduation party, we got certificates of completion of the program, we got mickey graduation hats, and a memory box. They provided us food, music, and a dance floor to start the party.

When I saw the memory box, I started tearing up because I realized how little time I have in Orlando, in Disney next to my friends. I began putting all the things I want to remember forever about my college program. For example, I put inside my name tag, my self admission pass, a small Donald Duck figurine I won during Traditions, and a few pictures I took with my roommates. It’s going to be very hard to say goodbye. I already said goodbye to my work friends, and I am really dreading saying goodbye to my roommates. After four months of living with them, seeing them every day, sharing the TV, the bathroom. The college program brought the best in me and made me see another side of the world. This is only the start of a new life, a life of new opportunities.

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