Reflective Weekly Journal #14

My days are numbered here at Disney, I cannot believe it. I finally had started to grasp how to work and have fun. This week is my final projects for both classes, I am so nervous. For my Creativity and Innovation class, my group decided for us to represent ourselves as a team so we all wore the same color. We got through our presentation and I know we did well because it was creative yet realistic. We researched how demographic, who are we going to invest with, and why we honestly thought our idea was awesome. Our timing was also as planned and we finished right on the point that we had to be done by. The other groups that went up went even farther then research, some used their talents to sing a jiggle or paint logos. The best groups brought food, and we all ended up having a feud about whether the waffle idea was better than the pancake idea. In my Human Resource class, Team NIKE conquered the competition; we had research, ads, and a great finish. Once again our timing was almost perfect, we had plenty of questions at the end. Also we all wore NIKE gear as a way to represent ourselves as a team and showcase our company.

This week I actually was working overnight so I was able to have one last breakfast at Magic Kingdom. It was nice to have been a part of the overnight team, although there were a lot of long nights we still always left on time. They all taught me so much and even said they would miss me. I cannot believe I won’t be working with them again.

In my personal life I actually went to Typhoon Lagoon for a CP event, which will probably be my last before graduation which I need to get off for. Being at Typhoon Lagoon and seeing all the CP’s gathered together just shows how many people want to work for Disney.

One more week and I will be leaving Disney I can’t believe it came this soon.

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