Weekly Reflective Journal #15

It’s a wrap! I enjoyed every second in Florida, from the beaches to the parks, to Chick Fil-a to Publix. It was an amazing experience, a memorable one, I will always remember the bonding times with my roommates, the food shopping chaos the first day when we moved in, our visits to the Disney theme parks and the water parks, our beach road trips but mostly Traditions time! When we all took the bus to go to Disney University and saw our names on the screen, when I got my name tag that says “Where dreams come true” with pixie dust around it, when I saw Mickey Mouse for the first time ever, I couldn’t hold my tears when I first saw the castle in Magic Kingdom. It felt unreal, I thought it was a dream that I was by myself in Florida following my dreams.

I am grateful for every person who somehow helped me get through this journey. It was very overwhelming, with keeping up with my online work, Disney courses, work at Animal Kingdom, and trying to figure out what to make for lunch. More than a work experience, it was a learning experience in all aspects. It gave me a start of living on my own, and how is it to be on your own when I graduate school.

I want to thank Disney for giving me the opportunity to work for such a privilege company, and to provide housing and care to make this experience more accessible.

IMG_0978 [37676]                         DSC_1201

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