Read and React #5

As a part of the Spring Advantage program my school semester is almost over but I still have about 3 months left to enjoy my time in Disney World. I was the only one out of my room mates who took classes this semester and even though I had double of the work I really enjoyed the classes I was taking. This was mainly due to the teacher I had who made these four hour classes actually enjoyable.

One of the topic that stood out to me was Employee Rights. We had spent a lot of time going through the legal context of everything that has to do with the rights of being an employee. We also got into protective laws that have been put in place such as the Privacy Act of 1974 that gives you the right to view your personal file at any given time, or the Employment-at-Will right which allows employers to discipline or discharge employees at their discretion.

At Disney every kind of employee wether you are part time, full time or a college programmer you have a contract that you sign with Disney that tells you what can and can’t be done during your employment with the company. Although all three contracts are different they  all have to abide by state and national labor laws.

The article I have found of this topic using our library data base was Employee rights protection and financial performance, by Peter K.C. LeeAntonio K.W. Lau T.C.E. Cheng. This article goes into depth about the abuse that some companies can put on their employees. As stated in the article “However, many organizations still adopt irresponsible employee practices and some of such practices have led to disastrous outcomes.” many company’s try to squeeze their way through the system and can even get away with it. At Disney they try their hardest to not to make this an issue also added to the fact that the union that the full time works have will not let that happen. It is a enormous company and peoples actions can fall through the cracks but as an employee we need to keep ourselves updated with the rights that we do have to prevent any unlawful actions.

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  1. Donna Liu says:

    I am in total agreement that every employee has their rights and it can never be taken away. In Human Resources class, we were introduced to many laws and acts that protects one’s self in a business as an employee. However, it is sad reading but true that many organizations abuse their employee’s rights. I think this especially happens when employees are unaware of their rights from the beginning. I do agree that it is wrong, however, it is also the workers job to know these things as well. Hopefully, all future employers will not take advantage of their workers anymore and hopefully employees will bring themselves up to date with this kind of information.

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