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Think of your portfolio as a marketing tool to market you.

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    • Use a clean professional image
    • The site’s title includes your name
    • The tag line should be an inspirational quote
  • WIDGET TEXT: a personal mission statement is added here
  • Before you write a personal mission statement think about the following:
  • Know your short and long term goals (1year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years)
  • How will you accomplish your goals?
  • Think of your character and values: WHO do YOU want to become?
  • What do you do now and what will you continue to do to contribute to your success?
  • What quotes, poems, songs inspire you?
  • Think about leaders you have admired, what is it exactly you admire?
  • Take your time, be thoughtful
  • This mission statement will change and develop as you change and develop


  • Biography of you as a college student and future industry leader
  • PDF of resume


  • Include a short reflection of the courses that have been of greatest significance to you academic development (include HMGT and core courses)
  • Course examples (SUB CATEGORY OF Academic PORTFOLIO PAGE)
    • Include evidence of your academic abilities and strengths. Possible skills to highlight include critical thinking, communication, initiative and follow-through, technical skills.
    • Supporting documents may include academic projects, papers, activities or assignments.
    • Outstanding examples of your academic accomplishments. Supporting documents may include transcripts, course descriptions, syllabi, sample papers.

Professional Development (PORTFOLIO PAGE):

  • Include a short reflection of how you are positioning yourself to be a future industry leader. What decisions are you making, what networking you are doing, what organizations you are joining…
  • The following are SUB CATEGORIES of your Professional Development PORTFOLIO PAGE
  • Resume, PDF and text
  • List your internships, include examples of what you learned as an Intern and Supervisor Evaluations (PDF)
    • CP diplomas
  • Examples of your employment experience and what you contributed as an employee, if possible include a Supervisor Evaluation (PDF) or Recommendation (PDF)
  • Honors, Awards and Recommendations:
    • Awards received
    • Newspaper or other media coverage
    • Nominations


  • Club and organization involvement
  • Participation in workshops, conferences and retreats
  • Volunteer work
  • Service-Projects
  • Social/Campus activism programs

4 Responses to Portfolio Content

  1. jbeverett says:

    Hello Prof. Goodlad,
    I have a few questions about the portfolio.
    Do you want us to Fax this paperwork to you?
    If we’re here till august, we will not have our CP Diploma until then, how do you want us to go about getting that info to you?
    I going to a Career Development class that is coming up soon( if i get approved for that day off), would I need to send you that information as well?
    Do you want our updated resume?
    And ….Are the awards we recieved from this program the ones you need?

  2. szambrano says:

    prof. goodlad,

    I am confuse what exactly you want from this as well. I cant really provide much besides and resume, coverletter, and a syllabi. I am planning on doing volunteer work but depends if I could get the day off, and lately I have only received my days off when I have class. Also, i have been pickig up shift because it is really hard to have enough for bills and rent, so i havent had alot of time to volunteer. Please get back to me

  3. Work and school are important but community service is as well. The evidence of service and leadership can be during your time with Disney but can also be from prior college work. Have you received guest fanatic cards? They get posted here. Add a writing sample from your work at Disney (connect to the course site) or prior to Disney.

    The portfolio created will be used throughout your college career and professional as well.

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