Read and React #5

This semester has been full of new excite experiences, also some experiences has been pretty difficult to engage and manage. However, all these experiences good and not so good have been very rewarding for me in so many ways. In my Human Resources Management class, we have learned about many different concepts of HRM, such as, Ethics in business. At work, as well as in class I have learned a lot about how important is to use good ethics in everything that people do because at the end of the day the reputation we build is the most important thing in any business or in a personal life. For example, I have made my best to keep my good reputation at work , as well as, in class by practicing good ethics and being respectful, responsible when it comes to make decisions. I always try to give my best on following the rules as they are set up, so that way my managers and leaders can see my ethical behaviors. In class, I always do my assignments on time and do my best when it comes to research my work because it is not ethical to plagiarize someone else work.

“Ethics can be defined as a set of rules or principles that decides what is right or wrong as decisions are made”, in business, ethic is a practice of ethical judgment by managers as they are making decisions. For example, recently I made a presentation in class about McDonalds practicing good ethics, and I found many interesting things that this company does to keep their ethic active. McDonalds practice ethics in many different ways, for example, by working with various charities, McDonald’s appears to have a relatively large Corporate Social Responsibility that involve themselves with communities and charities outside of the company. This makes them appear like a company who like to involve themselves with their customers and communities, this make them appear ethical and socially active.

The article that I read from the Academic Journal states something similar like McDonalds do about practicing good ethics. In the article “Eastern Perspective of Corporate Social Responsibility: An Exploratory Study” emphases about Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR) as to an important role in big brands such as McDonalds, Steakhouses, and others . This article states that ” Corporations acquire resources form their surroundings, process them and run  their business by selling their products. But this is not always simple. The processing of resources generally fabricates harmful and disastrous impacts on society”. Basically this social responsibility, is to create a green planet for us and for our future kids and grandkids. Because big corporation use a lot of our resources in the planet, it’s very important that they have created this program to help the community and try to keep a healthier and safest planet.

The main purpose of CSR is to keep society greener, also is defined by the people as their norms, beliefs, values and living standards. Therefore, Organizations are not the exceptions, they are also part of our society and they should take care of it just like everyone else. By making ethical decisions about our society we can make this place a better world.

Overall, as I  mentioned before ethics can be defined as a set of rules or principles that decides what is right or wrong as decisions are made. In other words, if everyone including corporations that operate worldwide make the right decisions on protecting our society and follow the rules as ethic states, we can have a better environment to live in.


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  1. ambar ubiera says:

    It is amazing how much one can learn in the Human Resource Management class. It’s great to apply what has been learned, on the job and anywhere else, especially when it comes to ethics. It shows your integrity and the dedication you have into setting a good example and performing a job to the best of your capabilities. I also found very interesting that you use McDonald’s as an example when it comes to their code of ethics because it helped me understand a bit more about the company and what it entails when it comes to maintaining a good image and usage of ethics.

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