React and React #5

Throughout the whole semester I’ve learned and acquired experience both, personally and professionally. This has helped me grow as a person and understand certain codes and ethics that should be used in the workplace with both, guests and co-workers. But one of the many things I learned that I found very interesting was in my Human Resource Management Class. I learned about the fundamentals of Human Resource management, how the department operates and what are responsibilities of this department.

The Human Resource Department focuses on the well being of the employee and the impacts that this has in the company as a whole. They focus on the psychology, the Human social behaviours (sociology) and the work design (how the work should be done). Also, they focus on legal compliance (laws). We were taught about the 4 functions of Human Resources. these are staffing– selection, recruiting, strategic HR planning. Training and Developement- employee training. Motivation– benefits, rewards, compensation. The last of the 4 functions of hospitality is Maintenance- safety and health, labor, communication employee relations.

I found an article on which explains more in depth what human resource management entails. It goes on to explain the importance of the HR-line. it says that staff functionaries perform three main roles; The advisory or counseling, service and control roles. This article also explains the role of the managers in the HR line and how they should complete a task to ensure a good job performance. What I have learned in class as well as this article are a great tool to help guide anyone interested in the Human Resource Department since this is an area that is of great importance in any company. This department is of vital importance in any enterprise and in part it’s a main source and what keeps a business going in order for it to evolution and turn into a better place for both the guest and and their employees.


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