Weekly Reflective Journal #13

After 14 long weeks of taking my Disney courses, it’s finally over. I enjoyed taking these classes and I learned so much about the Hospitality industry, however I was very overwhelmed with classes, work and living on my own. My time at Disney went by so fast, even with so little time off I had every week I still managed to make time to visit the parks and explore Orlando.

The two courses I took, Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management and Organizational Leadership are going to be very helpful for my future career in the hospitality industry. In Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management I learned all the aspects of how to operate a business, the financial, marketing, human resources aspect of my value hotel called Ohana. Our project is finally done and you can find our hotel business plan at andreaibarra94.wix.com/ohanaresort

For my Organizational Leadership course, we had to make a final presentation about Situational Leadership Approach, which is one of the leadership methods. I learned what type of leader I am in this class, and how to approach to my future employees. I also learned how to improve my leadership skills and how to put them in practice in the hospitality industry.

I earned two Ducktorate degrees for my two courses, all the hard work was very rewarding at the end. I am very proud of my two degrees.

IMG_0880 [37159]

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