Read and React #3

The Hcareers’ article “Transitioning into a Leadership Role” talks about strategies for newly promoted managers. To get promoted to a managerial position is sort of a big deal, specially at Walt Disney World. With that new position it also comes a lot more work and responsibilities.

At Animal Kingdom, Vacation Planning only have three statused coordinators, and about four coordinator proficients. Statused coordinators are coordinators that work full time, and proficients are the ones that are vacation planners but also have one or two coordinator shifts a week. Coordinator proficients are vacation planners that are trying to get a full time coordinator positions. Therefore I am always watching them and learning about the different tasks they have. I have met a girl that did the college program in 2014, after her program she finished school and came back for a part time that later led to a full time, and now she is one of the coordinator proficients. I admire her for working her way up and I hope I can follow her path after I obtain my bachelor’s degree.

I was told that Vacation Planners in Walt Disney World have a very high chance to also get a position with Guest Relations, and from there you can pretty much move up to any managerial positions because Guest Relations is very abroad and they deal with every conflict or concern a guest can have.

Networking is also a big part on anyone’s career. If you can network with the right people you can have more opportunities to find the position you have always wanted. It is very important to always meet new people to expand your horizons, and you never know where a simple “Hello, how are you?” can lead to.

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  1. Sue says:

    I agree networking is exactly how you get your foot in the door. Everyday you don’t know who you are going to meet and what opportunities awaits for you.

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