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Working in Disney may seem like a magical place to guests and as cast members it is our job to help people feel that way. Working long hours and being assigned the same task constantly can take its toll on a person but what I realized is that doing what you may find is the littlest thing, such as helping a guest bringing the food to their table may light up their face with a smile just seemed to make the day worth it. I enjoyed working on stage, or front of house because I felt as if I was able to change people’s days by doing the little things such as giving out a free mickey straw,  stickers or even desserts. My leaders also recommended us to greet the guests, seat them and offer to remove their tray; all the aspects of table service but without the price. My location also keeps the magic alive by singing a special birthday song and wishing it from the wild west whenever we see a birthday pin. There is also a deputy of the day event every morning in which a kid is chosen to protect frontier land in which he is given a paper and a shield to wave around.

I believe Disney keeps the magic alive for their full time employees by allowing them seniority with scheduling among other things and also when they reach 3 years the discount is increased. This is supported in the text “Why do Employees Stay? A qualitative Exploration of Employee Tenure” by John T. Self and Ben Dewald when “Krueger and Rouse(1998) found that incentive programs, praise, recognition, and ongoing opportunities for development improve employee retention.” There is also a personal Disney magazine called Eyes and Ears in which employees are given praise and recognition when they hit certain years. The Vice President of Disney also goes around many of the locations and interacts with many employees, sometimes even taking pictures with them and posting them on Instagram. I have also had the chance to talk to a part time employee who was actually my Uber driver and he mentioned that he stays working at Disney because the benefits are good.

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  1. Sue says:

    Keeping the magic alive is very important simply because we can bring happiness in our cast members and guests. It is the endless surprises that keeps us going. Each situation is different and Disney makes it enjoyable to work with the benefits they provide us.

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