Reflective Weekly Journal- Aftermath: New York City

I’m back! Finally I can sleep in my own bed, and be with my family who I have missed. However after coming back from Disney I had only two days to fix my sleep schedule and go back to work. I am happy to be back but what happens now.

Since I have been home, I realize that NYC and Orlando are so different. It’s cold here too, I miss Orlando weather, and also I miss the nice Orlando people rather than the crazy people on the train.

At work I am struggling to learn everything at my job and remember what I forgot. Also after a conversation with my chef I realized that most of the stuff I made in Disney doesn’t apply to my job here in NYC. It has been hard to get back to the swing of my job, and the crazy sleep pattern I adapted to in Disney makes it impossible to sleep. I don’t know how I am supposed to get me sleep schedule back to normal quicker.On a positive note I am home and it feels great to be surrounded by family and friends.

A new chapter opens, and I will continue my path to become a Pastry Chef.


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  1. It has been a while since you wrote this message, looking back, how have you adjusted? Though the technical skills you used in Disney may be different I am sure there has been great growth in your professional outlook that you can apply much of what you learned. I am looking forward to seeing you on campus.

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