Weekly Journal #12

imageThis week was especially exciting for me due to the fact that it was my birthday and I had about 8 family members coming to visit me. So let just say working was not on the top of my agenda. It has been just about three months since I have physically seen my family and that is I think the longest we have ever gone. I talk on the phone with them every day but actually seeing them in person felt so great.

What I like to say about living here is that I feel like I’m in my own little magical bubble. I am still on an internship and doing the work that needs to be done but it can feel like an alternate universe at times. While my family came to visit it was almost strange to have them here even though I was so excited. I got the chance to show them around Disney in ways they never had the chance to. Luckily on the day they arrived I received my second round of 3 day park hoppers, so I was able to get most of them into the parks for free. We were never able to afford the prices at Disney before so this was truly a blessing.

This week also showed me how hard shift changes at work can be, I had put in the request as soon as I got to Disney to have off the week my family came down but unfortunely got denied. As College Programers we are at the bottom on the list when it comes to choosing schedules, we take what we get and work with it as much as possible. I did had to work unfortunately some of the days that they were here, but it was a great weekend over all.

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