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Assignment 2, Part 3

Tight Sketches Sketches, Color Studies, and Final Art.

  • Assignment 2, Editorial Illustration part 3 of 3:
  • tight sketch, color roughs, color palette, and final limited palette colored Editorial Illustration.
    • Using any combination of Pencil, Ink, Collage, or Digital techniques create your final, limited color palate illustration.  
    • The project must include 3 color rough comps, and the working palette for the final (which may be one of the three.)
Sam Bosma, Final Illustration for Plan Sponsor Magazine with digital color palate

Wes Andersen Color palette samples


Post to Dropbox

template can be downloaded here

  1. Tight Sketch
  2. 3 Rough Color Studies (color studies can be done at a smaller size. 25% – 30%)
    For example, if your magazine size is 8″ x 10″ then your color comp size can be can be approximately 2″x 5″
  3. FINAL ART without the magazine title and with the title, carefully labeled, with name of client, and a link to the article you chose if it’s online or a photo of the article.
  4. Place pdf here

Assignment 2, Part 2

Thumbnail Sketches for editorial assignment


  • Write your concept out in the form a of a sentence in your sketchbook, to refer back to as you sketch.


  • Using a Ruler make 10 -15 boxes in your sketchbook approx 2-3″ on the longest side.
    • Always draw thumbnail boxes in proportion to your final art!
    • Be sure thumbnails don’t share edges. Leave a space between boxes.
  • Fill these boxes with 10 – 15 thumbnail sketches exploring your concepts.
  • Look at your word web/inspiration board as you explore your concepts visually.


Concept Sketches


  • Decide on your top 2-3 thumbnail sketches.
    • Choose based on feedback you received from your Art Director (In this case ME.) and your peers, as well as your own passion and design sense.
  • Research : Collect any reference images needed to fully realize each design concept.
  • Create mock-ups using digital media to aide in rapid work.
  • Sketch 2-3 Concept Sketches.


Compare the approved thumbnail sketch with the corresponding concept sketch. Consider where changes were made.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-08-11-at-11.51.41-PM.png


Post your

  • Post your concept sketches and thumbnail sketches carefully labeled, with name of client, a link to the article you chose, and a description of concepts illustrated, along with any additional sketches you may have done.
  • Categorize your post Work in Progress.

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