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Nathalie Q. Assignment 2 part 1

For this project I will be focusing on the war between Russia and Ukraine. Overall, a fair war would be between two countries mutually agreeing to battle. However, Russia would just be attacking while Ukraine goes on the defense. This article speaks about what the president of Ukraine feels about Vladimir Putin and his intentions behind this whole attack. Overall, Putin only moves with intentions to gain control over something that does not pertain to him. The desire for him to attack Ukraine to gain control is a dictatorship mindset many countries are moved past. Ukraine simply serves their people, and this attempt to trap them under a dictatorship is a simple act of control. The president of Ukraine explains how this is nothing but a game to Putin as he does not part take in the battles and simply watches as his troops risk their lives. He gives examples of all the Russian solders bodies being abandoned and Putin showing no compassion to even identify and take these corps out to bury etc. Through this editorial project, I am choosing to illustrate the mindset Putin holds with this war, in hopes that it illustrates his abuse of power and carelessness to the people overall.

Assignment 2, Part 1

Jennifer Bocanegra

This article is about a beagle named Samson that from the moment he was burned in the facility he’s lived within the concrete steel cage.Lonely and miserable Samson went through several experiments.After several pleas an undercover investigator was able to adopt him and finally have a proper home.When Samson left the facility he had many health issue but was attended he now in a loving home season remained traumatized with his experiences he adapted to his new home and will be enjoying his first thanksgiving.

Assignment 2- Final

Jennifer Bocanegra

What I wanted to create was an illustration about beagle who had spent eight years inside a cage of supplies laboratories for use of animal testing.Samson was released later on after several pleas and was later on adopted.I wanted the hand to be a green color to represent the people testing on the dogs in which the dogs would view as a monster.I used grey paper texture in order to represent the cages with scratch makes against the colors.

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