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Week 10 Sketch- Kayla

Overheard this girl talking to her friend about a date she recently went on where the guy literally took out his phone and starting scrolling through instgram and didnt even make conversation with her. How she thought immediately on the date that she wasn’t going to have a second date with him.

Final Project Part 1- Kayla W.

  • The movie name is The Greatest Showman. I think this was a successful and fun design as it includes all the main characters and has so many colors and it just pops. The film was about a man named Phineas who grew from poverty and fell in love with a girl named Charity at a young age who grew from riches, and he wanted to give her the same life her parents were able to give her. They got married and had two daughters, however his life was still hard because his job got closed down, and he was making very little money. He came up with the idea to create a show with people who are “different” in the way that they dont look how “normal” society sees everyone. This turned into creating it into a circus after a review from a critic called his show a circus. The building got burned down by people who rejected the idea of praising people who looked different, and then Phineas came up with the idea to put the show into a big tent by the end of the movie and it became very successful and his life was filled with riches from his success.

The audience for this movie is aimed toward anyone who enjoys fun, and circus, and musicals. Any age could enjoy this movie. It also gives a good message to never give up on your dreams, even when things are looking down, believe in what you can do, and put it to reality.

Assignment 2- Final

For my cover I chose to go with the real colors of the scene since I felt like it was easier to see what is going on. The other two palettes I tried was a monochromatic red with the pop of yellow and blue tones for the other one, with a little of orange in it. This was for National Geographic magazine and the article I choose you can find here:

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