Leon the professional (1994)
is an English-language French action film directed by Luc Besson. The plot revolves around a professional Italian hitman played by Jean Reno. He takes in the twelve-year daughter of his neighbor that lives down the hall from his apartment Mathilda played by Natalie Portman after her family is murdered by a drug enforcement agent Oldman played by Norman Stanfield. 

The agent visits Mathilda’s house one day, asking for his drug money from the father. After a few warnings from the agent, he decides to terminate the whole family while Mathilda is at the store buying milk. Through-out the film, Mathilda and Leon build a strange relationship, almost like a father-daughter relationship but more, as he teaches her all about the hitman trade. His whole life turns upside down once he takes Mathilda in. Leon faces a sudden uncomfortable change, after following the same daily routine for years. In the film we see both Mathilda and Leon having to live rough lives before they officially get closer to one another. Mathilda, living in a problematic abusive household. Leon lives lonely working for Old Tony, where his whole life revolves around killing and making money. However, both of their lives completely change once the actions take place. 

This is the main movie poster, I think this poster is not very successful. I like the use of a limited color palette, specifically the red color which made the poster look very dramatic. However, I feel like it would have been better if the other main character (Mathilda) was included in it.