Create a Line Ink Drawing for your Final Composition

  • Decide on your strongest concept sketch from the two you created. This will be your final composition for the Ice Cream packaging.
  • Do any additional tweaks to your concept sketch based on feedback and suggestions you received in class. Finalize the pencil drawing.
  • Use a lightbox, graphite transfer paper, or retrace your drawing onto the Bristol paper by using a window.
  • Focus on using line. Think lines or thick lines. Loose, curvey lines vs angular lines. Short lines vs long lines.
  • Test out your different materials. Try using a micron pen, brush pen, dip pen, or brush with ink. Combine a few or just use on medium. See what works for you.
  • Create at least two different line drawing versions and experiment with at least two types of media.
  • For at least one of the compositions you should focus on value.
  • Place the finals in the template


  • Openlab, Student Posts> Works in Progress, Week 4.
    Describe what materials you used for each drawing.