Concept Sketches

  • Decide on your top thumbnail sketch.
    • Choose based on feedback you received from your Art Director (In this case your Profeesor) and your peers, as well as your own passion and design sense.
  • Research additional reference images needed to fully realize the concept. Create a mini mood board.
  • Sketch at least 2 Concept Sketches full size, not thumbnail size.


Compare in these examples the Approved Thumbnail sketch and the corresponding Concept Sketch. Consider where changes were made.

Concept Sketch by Yuko Shimizu

Diana Schoenbrun’s thumbnail and concept sketches


  • Post your Concept Sketches and mini-mood board along with a description to Openlab. Concept sketches should be posted alone without the package branding and then with the with side by side.
  • Categorize your post as Week 3 in Work in Progress.

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