You will work on your concepts and thumbnail drawings.

  • Write your concept or concepts out in the form a of a sentence in your sketchbook if you have not already done so.
    Here is an example for Strawberry Ice Cream
    1. illustration of a strawberry and strawberry leaf design that appears like wallpaper.
    2. illustration of a girl eating strawberry ice cream and sharing it with her pet dog.
    3. illustration of an ice cream truck with anthropomorphic animals waiting in line for ice cream

You may draw multiple compositions per concept.

Draw thumbnail sketches. Download and use the thumbnail template provided.

What is a thumbnail?

A thumbnail sketch is a small quick drawing that can help you to plan out a, larger painting or drawing. Thumbnails should be drawn smaller and proportionate to your final art specifications. Draw loosely and focus on the big shapes. They are especially useful for understanding the main light and dark values in your composition. You can take your thumbnail drawings and enlarge them later to create your final sketch.

Thumbnail samples

Full-scale templates (pg 1 container, pg 2 top, page 3, banner)

  1. Narrow down your thumbnails to 3 directions.
  2. Take a look at the full-scale templates provided. Will you need to adjust the art to fit the the full size template with logo/text?
  3. Place the thumbnails in the template and test out how they fit.
  4. Save your .psd files. Save the three separate files as .jpgs.


  • Post your thumbnail sketches in Open lab in Student Posts>Work in Progress. Label with your name and date and a description of the concepts illustrated.