Reflection and Life(?)

The very first project at I’ve had to do here has been very interesting. I feel as though it was a good way to help “break the ice” and it’s only natural that during the first few weeks and days of starting this chapter in our lives, that we feel awkward around all these new people  whom we’ve probably never known had the same interests as us. Post-project number one, I feel that I can now talk to my fellow classmates with much better ease rather than small-talk and the usual ‘hey what’s up’ cliché. We all now have a sense of what we are like outside the classroom not so much as classmates but as friends. I probably couldn’t exactly express myself as well as everyone else but I hope that it doesn’t make me seem like an outsider.

It feels a lot different making a post on here rather than on a piece of paper to be collected and graded because on here I feel better writing. It may seem contradictory to what I had  mentioned previously, but in a some ways I feel more at liberty and I’m glad that we are given this opportunity to reflect on ourselves.

Personally, I really am not much of a blogger, though I will put in the effort to try and make ‘good’ posts on here regularly, as well as to perhaps see what everyone else is up to …

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