“Words For a Better Understanding”

1: Spry

2: Indolent

3: Genial

4: Repression

5: Regalia

6: Teetering

7: Monotonously

8: Rivulets

9: Noisome

10: Bulbous

11: Marvel

12: Virulent

13: Acquiescene

14: Unshriven

15: Shawl

I eventually liked the idea of glossary posts. It made me stop look up words so that i can better understand what i was reading. Before this class i never wrote on books or short readings, i felt as if i was wasting someone else’s paper. Not anymore i realized highlighting or underlining made all the difference, because when your reflecting or trying to look for a specific passage it was easier to find. Many of my glossary posts if not all i will remember for years to come since i looked them up made up sentences and translated in ways i can not forget.


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