Glossary Write-Up

  1. Bier
  2. Firmament
  3. Fatuity
  4. Florid
  5. Idyllic
  6. Cinder
  7. Dray
  8. Muslin
  9. Aleut
  10. Capricious
  11. Sassafras
  12. Monotonously
  13. Pleating
  14. Austere
  15. Arbor


I really liked the idea or looking up words as they are needed. This is a great way of learning new vocabulary. You get an example of how the word used, and rewriting them helps commit them to memory.  I’ve been doing this with my own reading, and learned many new words this way. I find myself using these words in everyday conversations. I also try and spend some time trying figure out what the word means from context.



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