Project #2 Cover Letter

The part of this project that I think i did an accessional job on was the actual essay for part 1 because despite the fact that I was dreading to begin this project because I was not sure if I had enough to wright and was not familiar with the five step method in weighting either, but when I began to wright I just could stop. It was an easier assignment than I actually anticipated. I believe I had more than enough to say about the scene that I chose and I think that I executed the five step method fairly well despite the fact that I have never seen this method before.

The part that i found most challenging was picking the passage  and scene because there was so many important scene in Beloved that was very crucial to the story line of this novel. Also this was a very hard read to wrap around and get into the story. the wording that the author chose to use for Beloved was very confusing and this book was very graphic and traumatizing with some of the scenes.

I learned how to analyze a scene in greater depth and just stop to imagine how the rest of the storyline would have played out if just one scene was taken out of the story.

If I could have changes one thing about this project I would be the entire book all together. I did not enjoy this book. I the book was a little more interesting and easier to understand I would have enjoyed this assignment even more.

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