Hello, my name is Rena

My name is Rena and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at City College of New York Fall 2014. I finally graduated but want to work in the medical field. With a psychology background I believed that I would have a foundation for any type of career. I have decided to come back to school to take pre-requisites and apply to the nursing program at SUNY Downstate.

In my free time, I volunteer at New York Methodist Hospital as a navigator for Asian patients. In this position, I help bridge the gap of communication between Asian patients and medical staffs in the hospital. As a certified translator, I help to translate various procedures in several departments. This position has allowed me to come in close contact with patients, to talk to them and to assist them with their needs. It has been an amazing experience that has only increased my desire to work in the medical field and to help patients in need. This experience has truly opened up my eyes to the daily functions of the hospital. This can range from the annoyed nurses that hates their jobs to those who take their time out to visit patients even on their off days.

I am also working as a Saturday school math teacher. This allows me to practice patience and attentiveness towards my students of ages 5-7. I have worked with kids for more than five years now. It can get frustrating at times but it is extremely rewarding when you see a child striving and doing well in exams after struggle so hard all semester.

I am ALSO a customer representative at Kiehl’s, a skincare company.

Juggling school, two jobs, and volunteer work has been a lot of fun but time consuming. I like to keep myself super busy but I do have some downtime once in awhile.

In my free time I enjoy sitting at home, eat, and watch Friends, the TV show. I was very young when it first aired but when I came of age and re-watched all the episodes I have been obsessed. I must’ve re-watched it a million times. That’s why thumbs up for Darth Vader!! 😀



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